T-mobile took away Renew Early from prepaid plans


    If there is already a discussion on this, then please link it.


    Right now I'm out of high speed data. Usually, I will wait until my next payment date. However some times like this time, I am in need of it before then. Normally this is not a problem. I would just go on web2go, and there would be a big green button telling me "Renew Early". I would just tap it, confirm, and be on my way.


    But now, this option to Renew Early has disappeared!


    Why and when did this change? Early renewal was a big reason for why I use this plan, and I'm sure it's the same for others.


    The button is now replaced with "Get More Data", which by the way is very misleading. The new button directs you to a page to change your plan NOT replenish data for your plan. Clearly a sneaky attempt to get people off the prepaid plan, with no warning that you won't be able to change back to the plan you're on.


    Not to mention that there was no communication about these changes. Definitely dishonest coming from the "Un-Carrier".

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      • snn555

        I agree that there should be some communication to current customers on those plans however there’s plans are not guaranteed because they are not under any service agreement except to maintain the times and abide by those rules during the period for which the services paid which on pre-paid is a month to month basis. These prepaid plans or not like postpaid plans that remain the same and unchanged until the customer changes the plan. Again communication should have been announced to current customers if there were any changes.

          • haiseriously

            If they did this for prepaid, they can do this for postpaid. They don't do contracts anymore. I'm on the discontinued 30 prepaid plan, and the way I see it is t-mobile is targeting customers to force them off grandfathered plans. And most likely it's only step one of their strategy. After posting this, I decided to see what other things they removed, and sure enough the binge on toggle is now also removed from my account. (Could be the reason for why I went over this month) These are the same things carriers always do, sell you one thing then change it behind your back. This needs to be addressed by t-mobile.