Add a line - lose all credits from other lines?


    I have been chatting online - and on the phone - with various tmobile reps for HOURS over the last two days.  Difficult to get a reliable answer.  We currently have 6 users on a ONE TE plan - switched from another carrier last year and got $200 off each new line/device purchase for switching ($10/month credit per line).  We also got 2 users free.


    A year later, I now want to add a 7th line for my daughter - which apparently is fine - but that 7th line isn't just as simple as picking a device and adding a line for an additional $25/month on this plan.  Apparently, according to the last rep I communicated with, we would lose all remaining credits for each of the current lines (which adds up to a loss of over $600 of credits across the 6 current lines) and the free lines.  Has anyone experienced this before?  I'm just trying to figure out if I can rely on this information from the customer service rep that I chatted with.  I've heard of losing the credits, etc. when cancelling a line - but not adding one.


    Now I'm scared to even move forward with adding a line and may stick with the pay-as-you-go plan that my daughter's currently on and buying a new phone directly from Apple.  Ugh.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!


        Sorry this has been such a long experience for you. It is true depending on the plan that adding a line could lose your discount. It's also not really easy to say what will happen for sure when you add a line. Technically there is no guarantee once you make a change to your account (adding a line included) that your plan will be able to remain. I would suggest reaching out to T-Force, they have a lot of experience with grandfathered plan and may be able to offer a more solid answer! Contact Us