Is this a fraud? Employee intentionally lied and fooled me.


    I added two new lines to my account with two iphone8 as BOGO on 11/27 at a t-mobile store in Boston. The employee who sold it to me made several mistakes. First, he got me on Jump on the Demand, instead of 24 month installment plan for BOGO promotion. Second, i asked for family plan 4 lines for 160. But, he set it up as individual plan of unlimited 55, which I am not qualified for as I am only 30 years old. Third, he sign me up for device protection plans for the two new devices.

    I call this as fraud because I clearly double checekd with him about the BOGO promotion. I asked several times if I am getting  these devices as BOGO. He said yes. Since he did not give me any document stating BOGO or any sort of document regarding the service contract, plans, or whatsoever, I questioned him why I am not getting any paper or instruction on the BOGO rebate. I told him that I got a paper of instructions on my other note8 BOGO promotion and asked him if I need to do similar things. He said I do not need to do any of that because the system will automatically take care of it as he already registered me for BOGO promotion in the system. I would get a text msg from t-mobile stating I have 60 days til I get my gift card for the amount of one iphone8. When he explained all these, no one can say he assumed I wanted the lease plan called Jump on the Demand. Plus, unlike other purchase experience with t-mobile, this guy did not give me a copy of anything and got my electronic signature on a small key pad. I never got to read anything when asked to sign. I asked for documents but he said everything will be uploaded onto my account and he doesnt get to print out anything.

    I do not think he made a mistake, he did it on purpose. I want to fix this!! I need the BOGO promotion on my iphones and he needs to take responsibility of this mess!!!!!!

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