Switching from ATT Grandfathered Plan to T-Mobile Horrible Experience that has not been fixed


    To start...I have been with ATT for 10 years and was grandfathered into the unlimited plan.  I had my Samsung S6 edge + and the screen went out, i filed a claim and about 3 months later my phone fell in the water and was done.  I was told if I file another claim I could not get insurance for 1 year so I decided to look at other companies and see if I should switch.  I saw T mobile, went online had a chat and decided to ask questions.  I asked the representative could I go in the store and get the same deal as online because I needed a phone at least by Saturday (this was Thursday evening).  He said he did not know because the stores are independently owned, but because he advised I could pay 11.99 and get my phone the next day (which I thought would be Saturday) I was like ok then I will order online.  First mistake I ordered a black and orchid Note 8.  No more than 15-20 minutes after getting off the phone and paying my deposit I looked at the invoice and noticed the rep messed up the order and sent two orchid. I called right back and asked if they could fix that.  After being placed on hold I was told no we cannot.  Take it to the store, well I work a lot of hours , am in school and completing my internship so I barely have time to breath. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was informed one would call in 15 minutes ...guess what 15 minutes has not arrived...no call. First error and it was on T mobile and they do not want to accept responsibility.  Now that Friday I did not see my confirmation email for shipping and I noticed the invoice said delivered between 12 7- 17 and 12-11-17, wait I was told I could get overnight.  I called and spoke to a rep who said "we don't deliver on the weekend so you cannot get your phone until Monday'   'I WAS SO PISSED!"  Now I had been lied to twice by incompetent employees.  I went to a T-Mobile store in Plano Texas (Willow Bend Store) great group of employees who did everything to help me and much love for the staff.  I needed my phone as my nephew who is in the Air Force that I had not talked to in 5 years was going to call me as this was the only time he could call, but I have no phone because of T Mobile.  The store team tried to cancel the phones and help me get them in the store, but the tele sales dept would not allow because I ordered online.  So now I have spoke to a dozen people and told this story and no one even tried to help.  The store team said when I get the phones on 12 11 17 to bring them in the store and the would activate and trade the that was the wrong color.  Like the rep on the phone advised.  I go back to the store with the great employees and again they tried to help, but Tele sales said I have to mail the phone back get a refund and then reorder......GTFOH...this is their fault and now I have to suffer. I get on the phone and call as the store staff was so nice to let me use their phone, on the phone for an hour playing phone tag and still no help, but another lie "I promise my supervisor will call you back".  I am still waiting for both supervisor calls.  Now I have wasted my time from work, missed my phone call from my nephew and still no problem fixed.  I called back today and only thing they could do is say "Oh we will refund your 11.99.......BS.........T-Mobile could care less and all they keep saying is mail your phone back and then we will send another, but I have to go through a 3-7 day process for this to take place and it is their fault.  All each employee can say is "I am so sorry".  I have spoke to people by the dozens, waisted my time and energy and no compensation at all.  Most horrible experience for switching over.  I hate this company and I will not refer anyone.

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