Fraud, my personal information was breached by T-Mobile!


    I have been a loyal customer with T-Mobile for over eleven years, and I wish they reciprocated such loyalty and was transparent with their customers in letting them know that some personal information was compromised by hackers a few months back.   I learned my lesson the hard way, when my cellular number attached to my accounts was ported without my knowledge and several fraudulent banking transaction occurred exhausting my bank account.  My cellular phone number had no service last Sunday, I messaged T-Mobile, and I went into the store, the service was restored back on my phone but during that time unauthorized banking transactions occurred, because an imposter was able to use my cell number to receives text codes. My cell number was suspended, without any explanation, I went to the T-Mobile store to verify my identity.  But according to the representatives T-Mobile Fraud Department, have no direct number, that department will contact you up to 72 hours.  I went into the store and they actually charged me $30. for a prepaid card, talk about getting victimized twice. Since the incident no one contacted me.  Anyone have any ideas how to proceed...


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      • tmo_chris

        I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this! You definitely did the right thing by contacting us as soon as you noticed and it sounds like we were able to create a fraud escalation for you which is great. While the fraud team does not have a direct number, they will investigate the escalation and follow up with you if necessary or with the rep who filed the escalation who will then reach back out to you with an update.

          • tmo_lauren

            Hey there!


            I just wanted to check to see if you had been able to get this taken care of!



              • magenta3502854


                I appreciate you checking on the outcome.  No-one from T-Mobile Fraud contacted me, I went to another T-Mobile store to get my cell number working, but no explanation as to what happened.  The $30. charge for a SIM card I acquired after my cell number was fraudulently ported, and my cell number was suspended pending a fraud investigation by T-Mobile, T-Mobile hasn't stepped up and waive that charge.  I could not remain without cell communication , which I think its outrageous especially after my bank account was depleted because of this. 

                  • tmo_chris

                    The fraud team will not always reach out directly to the customer but they will indeed notate your account thoroughly and the rep you spoke with will be the one following up with you. I want to make you are taken care of though! If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please use the links in my signature to speak with our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up and securely verify your account and see what specifically is going on and go over all the options. 

              • tmo_mike_c

                This is super important and we wanna make sure this is resolved. Have you contacted our T-Force team yet? Please let us know. Thank you.

                • sunshine2004

                  The same exact thing happened to me this past Friday. Where is the notification or alert that there was a security breach and hackers are able to do this to tmobile customers? I am furious as the post above, someone ported my number, added a line to my account without me knowing, disabled my network, got into my bank account using text verification to reset my username and password then did a bunch of online money transfers. If there has been record of this, why were all customers not notified to take the security precautions? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Now I'm having to go through changing my bank account, filing a fraud claim, updating all existing accounts. This is not OK TMOBILE. As the customer above, I've been a tmobile customer for over 10 year.