Inconsistent Text Reciept


    I am at my wits end with TMobile and inconsistent texting.


    To my knowledge I only have an intermittent issue receiving texts, not sending them.  Senders have never told me that they receive a failure message and I never have received one either.


    Often times I’ll either not get a text at all or get one in the middle of a group text string.


    It’s occurs from people on AT&T, Verizon, and even T-Mobile networks.  I’ve provided TMobile with screenshot examples as well as date and time stamps of occurrences.


    It started when I upgraded my LG G4 to an LG G5.  From that point I went through 3 G5’s because T-Mobile thought it was the phone,  I even contacted LG but that was a worse experience than calling TMobile.  After escalating with T-Mobile I was able to jump to a G6 and proceeded to get a replacement for that too.  I was then scheduled to get a Samsung S8 due to the issues I was having but after reading T-Mobile’s forums and realizing this is occurring to customers with Samsung and iPhones, I didn’t think it was related to LG and opted to go with the V30, which I have now and is experiencing the same issues.


    Steps I’ve taken:

    • Replaced SIM
    • Adjusted APN (per T-Mobile)
    • Shut off Wi-Fi calling
    • Factory defaulted more times than I can count
    • Tried Textra
    • Run the phone stock with no launchers or additional apps
    • All phones have not been rooted


    I feel like every time I call I have to clarify that I’m a telecom network engineer (not on the cellular side) and I end up sounding like I’m being arrogant by even stating that, but I’ve gone through just about every troubleshooting step I can think of.  I’ve never come across angry and have asked to talk to one of their engineers to discuss records and if they see the texts I’ve referenced, but I am never able to speak with one.


    It’s to the point now that I’m considering just finishing out my contract and moving to Google Fi or something else. I’m a huge fan of T-Mobile but this is going on 1+ years and it’s so inconsistent that they never find an issue.


    Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experience?


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Inconsistent Text Reciept

        Hey there, copcheck!


        Wow. Thank you or providing in great detail what exactly is going on and what troubleshooting steps you have tried. To me, it's pretty obvious that the issue is the network vs. the phone after everything you've laid out. I'm sorry this has been going on so long yet you still don't have a resolution. Our Support Community has a few tech gurus that may be able to help as well. For starters, I'm going to assume that an engineering ticket was filed (or maybe more than one). Do you by chance have any of the engineering ticket numbers? I'd like to take a look at what our Engineers had to say.

        • dragon1562

          Re: Inconsistent Text Reciept

          Project Fi piggy backs on T-mobile and the issue you are expiencing happens on all carriers I promise. Since I had it happen for me with AT&T between me and my mom. The only thing you can do is keep filing trouble tickets honestly. You could also try relying on a third party messing app that doesn't use the SMS standard. Personally this is what I do. On AT&T I use a Iphone so that I can use IMessage with my friends and on T-mobile I use a S8 and generally rely on Facebook messenger and snapchat to message people.

          I understand this might not be a viable solution for you but I figured I bring it up as something to consider. Especially when using group chat services as SMS/MMS really are outdated standards.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Inconsistent Text Reciept

            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you ever end up having a support ticket opened for this issue when you called us?

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Inconsistent Text Reciept

              Hi there!


              Just stopping in to see if you've got a ticket open for this. Please give us a reply back and let us know how things are going .thanks!