Am I really getting a refund on my credit card? Seems unlikely


    Ah. Ok, so I've been a longtime ATT customer and recently switched to T-mobile to take advantage of their iphone 8 BOGO offer. Great deal, but I am really starting to wonder if it was worth it. Quick timeline of events:


    1) Nov 26 -- Purchase two iphones from a t-mobile store. They are out of stock so they promise to ship them to me.

    2) Later that week -- iPhones are "delivered" by UPS but the item is missing. I have a concierge in my apartment building that keeps track of deliveries and the UPS info doesn't match what I am being told.

    3) I call t-mobile and they let me know that they will investigate and solve the matter. They will discuss with UPS and take care of it and I am not a party to this investigation anymore. They tell me that I should get a refund to my credit card for the downpayment on the phones ($300 including tax) within FIVE TO SEVEN business days.

    4) I order two new iphones since I still need to get new phones. Unfortunately, this means I am about another $300 for now for these new phones.

    5) The new phones are delivered and I am using them now. Tmobile was kind enough to still give me the BOGO rebate, after 30 days of having the phone (after the refund period). (I'm ok with the waiting period, that is fair).


    I keep calling T-Mobile and asking about the refund for the initial $300. It is so annoying because I have to keep explaining what is happening over and over and over again. However, there is consistency that I should get a refund within 5-7 business days. Well, its been well over five to seven business days and no refund. Based on the discussions I have had, I am not too convinced that a refund is actually coming my way.


    Yes, I initiated a "Handset Research" inquiry. No, they haven't followed up. Here's the email:


    T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request
    Handset Order Reference:  [REDACTED]

    Oh no! We are sorry to hear that your equipment is missing. For your protection, the device has been blocked to prevent any unauthorized use. We've got your back and have refunded the charges associated with your device. Please be advised, future orders that are reported as not received may not be refunded. We recommend going into one of our amazing T-Mobile stores to get your hands on new equipment right away.

    Thank You,

    Handset Order Research Department
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.


    I don't feel safe that I am getting a refund? Should I be proactive and dispute the charge on my credit card? Should I go ahead and file a legal complaint? Its not fair that t-mobile gets to keep my money for 2-3 weeks.


    Help is appreciated!

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, upsetcustomer1!


        Welcome to T-Mobile and our Support Community! Gosh, this isn't how we wanted to start our relationship. I'm sorry you've had to repeat yourself so many times; I'm sure that's tiring. I appreciate you laying out all of the steps you've taken to date. So far, you've done everything correctly. Now the ball is in our court and the refund hasn't made its way back to your card. Once the refund is submitted, a note is automatically added onto your account which means that when you call-in, our Care team should be able to see it. You should still be getting your refund. My recommendation is to reach out to T-Force. They're our social media care team and can take care of you without repeating yourself. All you have to do is visit our T-Mobile Facebook or Twitter page (a link to them can be found in my signature) and link them to this thread. They'll securely review your account and get you answers as to why you haven't received your refund yet. Depending on their review, they may be able to escalate the refund request to move it along faster. I'm sorry that I have to refer you to a different team but as a Community Manager, we do not have access to accounts.


        Please give T-Force a shot and let us know the outcome!

        • upsetcustomer1

          Thank you for your response Amanda. I really haven't been happy with the ordeal/customer service in the few weeks I have been a customer. I really did expect customer service to be a bit more helpful. Even now, every time I call in, I learn that the last person didnt do what they said they were going to do. It has been incredibly frustrating and I am not happy at all. Moreover, last time I spoke with someone, he confirmed that NO REFUND has been processed. I was told that it could take 5-7 business days to get a refund but the process still hasn't been started. I don't understand why T-Mobile wants to keep my money without providing me anything in return. Is T-Mobile planning on getting into the banking business? At least the banks pay a nominal interest when they keep your money.


          I will try to reach out to T-Force and see what they can do. Although I would prefer to reach out to them via email. Thank you for your response though.


            I feel your pain.  I've been waiting 50 days for a refund on my credit card for a return of an upopened, unused iPhone 8 ordered at a T-Mobile store. The Philippine Call Center "experts" have been useless.  They have escalated the issue to the "Offline Resolution Team", but you cannot talk to or contact that team directly, and apparently, neither can the Call Center "experts".  I've been promised on 3 occasions that the issue will be resolved in 3 days.  8 days since the last promise and I'm now on the phone with the Philippines again (for the 10th time since October 2; it is now October 23).  I've been promised call backs at least 6 times, but never receive a call back.  My calls have been dropped in the middle of repeating everything on at least an equal number of times.  As soon as I get my $1060 refund to my credit card...if that ever happens...I will be looking for another carrier.