Can call and send texts, but I can't access the internet even though I have a data plan




    So, I selected T mobile as an APN, I have an unlocked non t mobile device. I can call, text, I have data, but I just can't access the internet without wifi. By the way, I'm using chrome and tried to use the google up, didn't try browser apps from the store.

    Unsure of what's wrong.

    Oh, and I have coverage and signal strength.


    My phone is a Sony Xperia

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      • dragon1562

        So I want to ask a few questions so I can have some more info to go on. When you are unable to access the internet what does your phone show in the top right corner for signal. Is it 5bars of LTE, 5bars of H(4g) or is it something with a E beside it?  If your phone does show LTE for example I would recommend running a speed test to give everyone on the forum a better idea of the quality of the LTE connection.  I also wanted to ask if this is happening in a specific location or everywhere that you take your phone?


        Sorry so many questions I just need some clarification to help you best.

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        • jmfets

          Im scared to death I may have made a huge mistake- I have been with ATT for 20 years and just switched to T mobile last week.

          four lines.

          two still use old phones and two are new phones with TMobile.

          three of the phones have been having trouble accessing internet indoors at locations that were 100% accessible with ATT


          At first TMobile said they cant guarantee same performance with the old phones, but its happening with new phones too.

          PLUS, when you sign up, they never mentioned our ATT phones (less than 7 months old) might not perform as well.

          Old phones IPhone SE and Galaxy 7 Active. New are the iPhone 8, but apparently shouldn't make a difference.


          Im so scared i spent all this time and money, the first major move away from ATT in over 20 years and now to save $40.00 per month I may have lost quality service.

          Anyone else have problems connecting with internet? 

          I went to Dr visit yesterday, and when I left the office 6 text messages immediately uploaded.

          Same phone, different carrier.....

            • dragon1562

              First let me start by saying that the best way to get the attention of all the users on this forum would be to create your own thread since this one has been marked as resolved. However, I will do my best to help you anyway I can and hopefully this will get bumped up so others will see.


              So first I want to say there is no reason to be scared. Your not tied into a contract or anything unless you our in a installment plan with them of some kind. Even then their is usually a grace period in which you can just give them their stuff back and leave. That being said I would like to help you find a solution that works for you since generally speaking $40 bucks a month is a lot of savings especially in the course of the year. Of course if T-mobile isn't the right fit I can try and help your transition back to AT&T be as smooth as possible.


              A feature that is generally available to all T-mobile devices is called wifi- calling it allows for you to use a wifi connection to place your phone calls and texts over and is very handy for locations in which service is spotty or non-existent. I recommend using it at the doctors office if they have wifi available. I also suggest that you refer to T-mobiles coverage map to ensure future locations have service. If they are supposed to have service and don't you can call in and report the issue. I also want to add that T-mobile is not necessarily responsible for the coverage you receive in buildings as their are to matter factors that can effect weather  or not you get a signal. If you live in a area without band 12 in place then it would explain why indoor coverage is so poor for you since transitioning.


              lastly and Ideally having the latest equipment on any network is optimal for the best experience. However, the phones you have listed should all fully support the current network unless you live in one of the markets that has band 71 for coverage or has a roaming partner for coverage.


              I hope some of this info helped and if you have any questions I will do my best to help.