Worst Service Ever - Data Problem - Customer service sucks


    I switched to T-Mobile from Verizon (worst decision ever).  Since then I have been having a problem since June of 2017.  When I am at work and school (in the Downtown Detroit area) my data does not work. So for over 8 hours a day I am unable to use over a thousand dollars worth of Apple equipment (iPhone and iPad) because of T-Mobile's subpar service.  When I am at home my service works fine. When I call T-Mobile initially they had me troubleshooting my equipment and even cold transferred me to Apple Care when it is apparent, since no one that I work with who has T-Mobile can use their data while in this area, that it is the service and not the equipment.  I was even told on more than one occasion by more than one T-Mobile agent that their is not enough T-Mobile tower coverage downtown and they get a lot of calls from customers in this area indicating they cannot use their service.  I am so DISSATISFIED with my T-Mobile service. Anyone in my building and work area who has Verizon, Sprint, AT&T have no problems...only T-Mobile. Since I can use my phone for less than half the time I am paying for, I feel I should only pay half the bill so EVERY month I call for a credit. Today I spoke with an agent who was less than helpful who then transferred me to a "supervisor" (LOL) named Robby who claimed he is as high as I can escalate. He was TERRIBLE and indicated I would need to do a master reset and a warrant exchange on my equipment (both the iPad and iPhone) when it is apparent and proven that it is the service and not the equipment. He also basically said ... "you said you want to switch service so let me tell you how much you owe on your iPad..." Clearly they do not value their customer's service.  every other telecommunication's company I have every dealt with have a winback or retention department but T-Mobile seems to think their customers don't matter.  I am very disappointed that this is the type of service T-Mobile offers...and if Robby really is a supervisor...wow I need to run back to Verizon with the quickness. I advised him that I am a project manager with a major telecommunications company and a master reset and switch of equipment would not resolve a service problem that is related to tower coverage.  I am shocked at the service that I have been getting and will continue to escalate and draw attention to  T-Mobile's bad service until my issue is resolved . T-Mobile has not heard the last of me. I pay well over $100 a month and this is not the type of service that I expect.

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      • magenta3491350

        T-Mobile, please help me to understand if my service works fine everywhere else except the downtown area and this is a known problem with your towers, how would doing a warranty exchange of my equipment resolve this???? Please educate your customer service reps... oh wait, he was a "supervisor" and the highest I could escalate.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there! This coverage concern is totally legitimate, and it's a bummer to read that you're lacking support in the area where you need to use your equipment. That said, it's disappointing to read that we've added insult to injury by providing a less than stellar experience when you're reaching out for assistance.


          A lot of factors can impact service; from environmental issues (do you note this experience indoors, outdoors, or both?) to compatibility concerns (are your iPhone and iPad T-Mobile branded or have they had carrier updates to take advantage of the network?) to just absolute network issues, like an outage (we need to work on a tower) or congestion (we need to add towers to support the number of users in a given area). Would you be able to give me the ZIP of your school and workplace's locations? I'd be happy to take a look at the projected coverage in those areas!


          Even if we're not able to remedy the coverage issue immediately, there's no call to make you feel like we don't care. Your service is just as important to us as any other customer -- whether you're located in a major metro area or a rural homestead -- and we definitely want to give you a straight answer about what you're experiencing!


          - Marissa