2 years of Continued Unpaid Service Prepaid


    Hi. I found an old phone I had about 2.5 years ago. Its a prepaid phone that I have not used nor have I paid the bill in that same time. When I powered it on it still had service..... after roughly an hour of it being on it said the service was suspended. I called a rep just to see how that was possible and they said a prepaid phone would only stay active/ number stay good up to 1 year max yet I have not used the phone in 2.5 years. Then I was told that it was showing that 12 consecutive payments were made on the account. I don't have auto pay attached to it and of course no one else has paid the bill for me. The telephone rep couldn't help me so I'm hoping someone xould help me out because I am curious to know how that happened. I'm not sure if the service was active the entire 2 years because I only just found the phone. Why was it active when I found it but an hour or so after I made a phone call or two its suspended? Any help?

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