LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)


    Has anyone gotten Digits to work on the V30?  The instructions and simulator both have steps that are not options for me


    Is there a way to contact Digits support?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

        Hey there! Can you please let me know where you are getting stuck when using these steps?


        Log in with your T-Mobile ID

        Make sure your device is running the latest software and has an active SIM with a connection to T-Mobile over cellular or Wi-Fi.

        From the home screen, tap Settings.

        Tap General > Accounts & sync. (If using List view, scroll down to 'PERSONAL,' then tap Accounts & sync.)

        Tap ADD ACCOUNT.

        If the device is running Android Nougat, tap Accounts & sync.

        Tap Multi-line settings > Sign in with your T-Mobile ID. If these settings do not show, you must enable DIGITS in the T-Mobile app* or on My T-Mobile**.

        Enter your T-Mobile ID and password, then tap Sign in.


        * Enable DIGITS for devices with built-in experience (T-Mobile App)

        Tap the Menu icon, then tap Usage and plans.

        In the DIGITS section, tap Unlock.

        Tap the on/off switch to enable DIGITS on your device.

        If you receive an error message, update the T-Mobile app to the latest version.


        ** Enable DIGITS for devices with built-in experience (My T-Mobile)

        Make sure your device is on the latest software version.

        Log into the MyDIGITS portal and click on the DIGITS line with the built-in experience.

        Scroll down and click the Unlock button.

        A notification appears on the device you unlocked.


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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

          Hey there! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had a chance to try walking through the steps that Chris provided above. If you're having trouble completing them, can you let us know a little bit more about where you're getting stuck? Thank you!

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

            Happy Wednesday, kevin_w!


            I'm hoping that by now you are rocking DIGITS on your LG V30. If for some reason it's still not working or you, I'd like you to give Chris' steps that he listed above a shot.Once you do so, please let us know if that did the trick.

            • hamlet423

              Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

              I am having similar issues

              but when I try to add an account I have no options for multi-line account, but only tmobile digits app, which takes me to the app and defeats the purpose of having built in multi line support for the LG v30


              is there a problem with digits in general?  I'm also having signal problems and I lose all cellular signal, and only a network reset brings it back on line for a bit.

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

                  Hey there! If you are not seeing the options for multi-line settings, you will need to ensure you have unlocked the ability using the t-mobile app or my.t-mobile.com using the steps in bold above. Can you try that out and let me know what happens?

                    • hamlet423

                      Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

                      Sorry I was given a new phone as a warranty exchange to try to figure out my signal issue

                      but when I put my sim card in--no native/built in tmobile digitis

                      I do have the option turned on in my tmobile web web

                      but I am not seeing multi-line settings as an option

                      I don't want to spent 3 hours on chat trying to figure this out

                      I imagine it is an account problem on tmobile side

                      can a higher level service person figure this out or email/text/chat me?

                      I didn't change anything and one day my built in multi-line support just went away and I can't get it back.

                  • harry2k

                    Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

                    I have 2 LG V30 phones. I had no problem setting built in digits on first one but never get to multline settings on the second one (which was swapped under warranty).  I spoke to digits tech support about two weeks ago who was going to research prob. No response since. Any updates?  Also, digits line doesn't ring on my V30 but does on my iPad.  Something is amiss with V30 built in digits. 

                      • hamlet423

                        Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)


                        everything was fine with my account until one day about a week ago--started to have issues getting a cell signal and no multi-line support

                        got a new warranty replacement

                        restored backup to replacement phone and had same problems with signal

                        had to do full reset again and fresh install

                        cell signal ok (so perhaps it was a rogue app)

                        but still no multi-line support for lg v30--go into accounts and no option to turn on multi-line support now

                        t-mobile support suggested I just use the digitis app--and then told me they didn't even know if the LG v30 had built in access to digitis--and I was annoyed and told them to check their own literature.

                        They are now researching it. But yeah, digitis is messed up

                        I had the app installed on my phone and I was getting calls from other lines that I had turned off! 

                        So something is still amiss.

                      • abauman2

                        Re: LG V30 - Digits (built in - not App)

                        I am having the same issues and would love some help. I cannot find the where on my tmobile profile I should "unlock" my device, and I cannot manage to find the multi-line settings in my phone. Please help