I am going to be studying abroad in Japan at a Language Institution for a year and a half roughly. I actually chose T Mobile because of the unlimited data, text and WiFi Calling. Additionally, I love the flexibility of it as well. I do plan on using services (like in the States) such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE etc.


    However upon my graduation from the Language Institution, I'll be living in Japan full time and will most likely come back to the United States once or twice a year. Based on my conversations with carriers in Japan, the data and international charges i.e. calling are expensive. Based on the fact I'll be in Japan for an extended period of time and coming back to the States every now and then when the opportunity presents itself; would you recommend just use T Mobile ONE Plus International?


    Also...I know that I get unlimited data, WiFi calling, and unlimited text, but what about if I call people inside Japan when living there? Whats the cost of that?


    I currently own an iPhone X and am using T Mobile One.



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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Japan

        Hey there!


        Congrats on your big move! I'm sure there's so much going into planning, I'm glad to see you checking your options!


        For our international roaming, you are required to have the majority of your calls made in the US overall. Because of this, having T-Mobile as your primary carrier while living in another country wouldn't be your best bet. Once the majority of our coverage is seen outside of the US for any extended amount of time, your account will end up disconnected for violation of the terms of use.


        You are likely better off getting a Japanese carrier and contacting those in the US through free app options!