Travel to India


    I'm looking to travel to India in Dec.  Based on the website, India is part of the TMobile One plan and data and message are included.  Voice calls are $.20/min. 


    Wanted to see if anyone has made this trip -


    What was coverage and speed like?  

    Did you get hit with any overage charges and for what?

    Can you check voice mails and are those charged as regular mins?



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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Travel to India

        Hey there!


        I can't speak on personal experience, but I will do what I can!


        -Coverage will be dependent on exactly where you are going! Expect larger cities to have more robust roaming partnerships. Speeds are often at "edge" or 2g range, so good for emails and websites, not as good but usually still able to use some streaming.

        -As long as you follow the parameters of your rate plan, you shouldn't get anything unexpected!

        -VM does use minutes!



        • magenta3431611

          Re: Travel to India

          Thanks Lauren!


          Just want to make sure I have the best speed I can get, what does an International Data Pass give me that I dont already have?