Switching phone with down payment paid but EIP remaining.


    Greetings magenta eaters! As you all can see from the topic title, my inquiry is quite specific.

    My current phone is the LG V20, which I chose for its user-replacable battery. I primarilly use it for (other than communication) music and video consumption. I am not an audio\video quality snob, so the V20's notable audio hardware wasn't a factor in my choice.

    Rather, I am very interested in the birth of consumer consumable (heh) VR. The V20 is AFAIK, not certified for 'real' phone VR. So... i'm interested in JUMPing to the Galaxy S7. Buuut, and here's where my topic title comes in, I still have approx 12 payments remaining on the V20.


    On average credit, would I have to pay a down payment again in order to switch to said Galaxy S7? Or can\will my remaining V20 payments and the new coinage for the S7 be combined for a multple-years-of-paying-off thingamajig?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hmmm, this is a great question, graphicsapathy.

        Generally speaking, the down payment due to JUMP! is the same as it would be to initiate a regular EIP; and there's not a way to roll it into the financing agreement -- you'd need to settle that amount due, plus the full taxes on the MSRP, up front. The benefit of JUMP! is that when you return that V20 in good condition, the remaining 12 months of EIP payments are wiped clean -- JUMP! insures you don't take a depreciation loss on the trade-in value of the phone.


        Your best bet is to walk through the process with a team with account access so that we can let you know what type of up front costs you'd be looking at. I have to say, if you've had this device for 12 months already, even if you started as a customer with "average credit", if you've paid all of your bills on or before their due date (though payment arrangements don't count here), you may not have "average credit" as far as we're concerned! We use a process called Smartphone Equality to determine credit standing so that customers with great payment history and tenure can be rewarded with lower up front costs over time.


        Please take a moment to Contact Us so we can help out! Thanks!