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    I have an iphone 6s.  Beginning this morning, whenever I try to send a text message I got a text back stating sorry this service is not available.  I called TMobile customer service and spoke with several people.  I reset network settings, turned off imessage, turned off facetime, etc.  Now, not only can I not send text messages but I can not turn imessage back on, nor can I turn factime back on.    At some point, after the third person, I realized I was now speaking with Apple.  They tried a bunch of things and come to the conclusion that it is a cellular data issue, which is TMobile's problem.  I tend to agree because when I try to turn in imessage it states that I need to turn on cellular data...which is already turned on.   I've been on the phone for almost three hours.  At work.  I need someone to give me a solution to this problem.  Thank you...

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