Rebate Issues


    I participated in the  "iPhone SE on us" offer back in June. I purchased an iPhone 7+ in store and was upsold by the representative to partake in the  "iPhone SE on us" offer which supposedly was going to deliver a rebate in the form of a $400 Mastercard. She even offered to help me complete the rebate, which we did in the store.


    I returned in August when I had not received my rebate and the store told me it would take 8-12 weeks. I called back in September and was told the same story. Now in December when I contact the rebate center they are acting as if the offer has expired and I'm not eligible. But I submitted the rebate on the same day? How can my rebate eligibility expire just because T-Mobile has not delivered my rebate?


    It's clear that I met all the requirements for the rebate. My purchase record of the iPhone 7+ and iPhone SE are clearly in the T-Mobile records and I completed the rebate in-store.



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