From a Prepaid account to Postpaid Account


    I've been a T-Mobile prepaid customer for almost 2 years and was finally just got approved to be moved over to a Postpaid Account and get a new device,not that my new Pixel XL needed replacing, and I was able to get all the discounts and options a Postpaid customer would get.  I've been with T-Mobile this long because of the data speeds and unlimited data plans available and i just bought unlocked Android devices at Full Retail Price or whatever Amazon sold them for.  I was finally able to get an up to date, flagship device.  I went in the store with all intentions of purchasing the "On Sale" Moto Z2 Force.  I like Moto phones because of their ease of bootloader unlocking via Motorola's website.  They were out of stock on the device and i ended up speeding money i shouldn't have on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which i havent put down since i got it.  Makes me miss my Galaxy Note 4 way back when.  On top of signing a contract with a company i planned on staying with anyway, the Advanced LTE news dropped and my city just got the Advanced LTE Switch flipped to the ON position and my Download and Upload Speeds have DOUBLED!  So its already X-Mas for me.....


    Thanks for everything @TMobile

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      • tmo_chris

        Awww! Hooray! This is an awesome story! We greatly appreciate your loyalty and I am stoked to hear that you are enjoying your new phone. I absolutely loved my Note back when I still used Android and even though I switched to Apple a couple years back, the Note was my first big screen phone and I have never gone back to a standard screen size since. That is one of the nice things about a postpaid account, if you upgrade your phone with our JUMP program, you have a lot more flexibility of upgrading to newer devices than when you are on a pay in advance account

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          • devicemanager

            Thanks for the kind words, just a little disappointed in you that you went over to Apple, TRADER!!! LoL

              • tmo_chris

                Hey now!! LOL! I had the Brown G1, the first ever Android phone! I was a Blackberry boy before and after the G1, I never went back! I used Android all the way up to the Galaxy S7 Edge and believe me, I went through a ton of phones! I think my favorite Android was the HTC G2, I absolutely loved the physical KB. I used to scoff at all my friends for using an Apple phone cause I was a Android fanboy. Due to my line of work, I had to at least try the iPhone so I could better answer our customers questions and I realized why so many people love the iPhone. It truly is a great device! Now I will admit, getting a custom ringtone on an iPhone is like pulling teeth from a gator when compared to getting a custom ringtone on an Android but that is only a minor setback and I can learn to love stock ringtones over time haha.