Re: Block International Roaming


    I recently began service with T-Mobile. Since I have no desire to travel internationally, I wanted to turn on "Block International Roaming" for my line. When I attempt to turn this feature on My T-Mobile Web site, I get a "Update Operation Failed" pop-up message. I then called Customer Care and representative turned on "Block Charge International Roaming" for which the description says "This will prevent the selected line from incurring any international data roaming charges that can be incurred in countries not included in plan." I informed the representative that I wanted to also turn on "Block International Roaming" and the feature is turned off on the My T-Mobile Web site. The representative added many features not having to do with international call blocking, like "Disable FA Roaming" and "Block International Long Distance Calling." I then asked to speak to the supervisor and was told they added all the features associated with international roaming. This is very frustrating not having the assurance that I won't be charged should my phone go international. I hope that someone be able to help me with my concern. I appreciate very much for your feedback.

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