Wrong notifications, faulty device & wrong info


    Hello all,

    First of all , I was told at store that this sync up device is free.But I was being charged, which I don't mind but the device started giving me wrong notifications after 2 weeks. It gave me dtc codes p0301,p0302 and p0303 (multiple cylinder misfire detected) which is a serious issue.I had to check with service center(paid them) and they found no issue.I contacted T-Mobile and they told me to ignore it, which is bizarre.

    I went to t-mobile to return the device but they won't take it, so I had to cancel the plan and paying for device which I don't use.

    So I was given wrong info. , faulty device and t-mobile is of no help with this.

    Please do not get this faulty device,  waste of time and money.



    Best regards,


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