Screwed long term TMO customer did thousands in Bizness


    It seems T-Mobile's support (Philippines) is worthless - but that is all you get when you dial 611 (or the 800 number for TMobile - even in the middle of the day in the US (EST). I am not anti-anything except I am anti-NOT GET SUPPORT AS I CANNOT UNDERSTAND anything you say from the Philippines!.


    The prior support (when I did get through)  lied to me about making phone calls on a Samsung Gear S2 watch,


    I have and bought through TMo a SS Galaxy S8, a GEAR S2, and a Apple iPAD mini3, all serviced through TMobile at (somewhat) increased prices than the street price but with monthly pmts, I guess it is OK --WRONG -- I always made calls in the past on my Watch-Samsung Gear S2 (in the standalone mode not with the paired SS Galaxy S8 Phone nearby (again, when set to standalone mode). All of a sudden the calls are failing, service restricted!


    I had a problem with the Watch some months back (Samsung Pay re-cycling app constantly crashing, and not working when I go to pay with it)

    ....I did this partly as I wanted the "bonus" crap--never again as the reset removed all the "points") as working with some TMo support in Texas for the GEAR S2 watch, they wanted me to reset it -- I did. Then I get no more calls on the Gear S2 --


    Then this DIGITs comes, and when calling for Support on the same ongoing watch issue, they change my plans, tell me I save money - WRONG NO I HAVE A DOUBLE BILL (I checked and double checked -- do not owe it I pay in full every month for all). So what the heck with that?


    Then at the same time as billing issue, the next time I see someone I know that ONLY has My GEAR S2 watch phone number, they says they have been trying to contact me for a month or so (since the reset the Texas TMo rep. had me do) and could not -- no message no nothing (they did not have my phone number, I am a serial entrepreneur). So I call ALL the others who only have my GEAR S2 watch number (different than the S8 phone's number....Reason: certain ppl get the watch number ONLY..) and it has been failing to connect calls for some time (I changed the settings from one $25 plan to another $25 plan just now-see if it works).


    So, the worst is Try calling TMo (611) SUPPORT and I cannot understand a word those in Phillipenes say. I ask for USA support. They say they cannot "guarantee the US-based support" (WHAT?). This has been going on for 2 -4 days now. About to dump tmobile for breach as I did a text chat and laid out all the basis they are breaching --- to make sure I win *(in court)*


    Just now 12/5/2017, I log into my account and make some changes to the Phone  S8 and the GEAR S2 that were not there before (S2 seperate number, but I have always had a separate number for the GEAR s2


    This also impacts the DIGITs stuff - got it but never used -- Now I see it is off---do you try to scam ppl TMOBILE? My account is screwed up, billing me double charges(as I paid my Bills in full every month) as I see a $300+ balance when it is actually half that in real terms (I did the math) .


    So, and they have screwed up my phone loosing approx. $3k in work as the GEAR S2 issue the ppl could not contact me ! And double my bill in an error

    AND I CANNOT TALK TO AN AMERICAN SUPPORT PERSON DESPITE DOING SO FOR 3-4 days now -- even the call back is the Phillipenes --


    I text them  (Tmobile) hoping to get USA based person on TMo support to resolve these issues - Nope. They cannot "guarantee it


    Sad, but true I am looking at the other cell phone companies for new service and port my number over to them - I am paying and not getting service and cannot resolve the billing, nor watch, errors

    Any suggestions community? I am sick of dealing with them -- too stupid to know we need to speak ENGLISH !!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey magenta1322985 , sorry to hear you've had such a rough time with support. We do want to make sure we help you as best as we can and turn this around for you. I have a question about standalone mode. If your Galaxy device is near by, have you also made sure the watch and the phone aren't connected with Bluetooth and tried using the calling service to see if that works? Since it was working before the reset, it'll be a good idea to try going through the First-time use: Samsung Gear S2  setup process again to see if that helps. My apologies that the plan was switched out and didn't save you the money that we told you it would. Have you spoken with anyone afterwards to change it to something different or to what you had on it before? I know you mentioned having a tough time communicating with our folks in Care, but we'd need someone with account access in order to help make things right with your account. This would include taking a look at the charges on your bill and getting those cleared up. I suggest reaching out to our T-Force team through the social media links in my badge as well as our Contact Us page. They do have the account access needed to help look over your plan, your bill, as well as file any tickets (if needed) to help correct the DIGITS services as well as the calling issue if trying to set it up again doesn't work. You've made it very clear that we have some areas we need to help you out with and I'm sure our T-Force folks can tackle these issues if you give them a chance. Please reach out to them when you have a moment and let us know how things go. Thank you for posting.