No Love for a Long Time Customer


    I've been with T-Mobile now for more than 3 years.  I paid a lot back then when I bought 2x Galaxy S6 Edge then later bought a 3rd line with just a regular Galaxy J6 phone.  T-mobile gave me a business account for 4 lines with only 6GB data per month which to them saves me money even though I don't use the 4th line.  Now, I want to upgrade my phones into Galaxy S8s.  Base on T-Mobile's credit info on me, I need to pay at least $900+ downpayment to get only 1x Galaxy S8.  Meanwhile, AT&T is offering me 3x brand new Galaxy Notes with unlimited data with no downpayments and with $20 more on monthly payment from T-Mobile (since I have Direct TV with them).  I took the AT&T offer.  Bye bye T-Mobile.

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        Re: No Love for a Long Time Customer

        Thanks for joining our Community, mrcute512, although I'm sorry that it seems you're signing on to say goodbye.  

        There are multiple factors that go into the required down payment for equipment -- with some flagship devices, even "well-qualified" customers have a down payment, and every account also has a total equipment credit limit, so if you're already financing devices, the down payment may be higher because EIPs that you have open are using up some of that credit.


        That said, we also use tenure and payment history to determine the down payment so that over time we are able to offer our customers a lower amount up front with our Smartphone Equality program -- I'm so surprised to read that you've been with us for three years without a lower down payment amount! If you're still with us and believe there's been an error in determining your eligibility for well-qualified credit standing based on these requirements, then that's definitely something we'd love to have you reach out regarding. While we can't take a look at your account from this public user forum, our Care team at 611 or T-Force teams on Twitter and Facebook can, and we would hate to lose your business if we can help it.

        I understand that you've got to do what's best for you; and that includes getting the best deal around. But we're able to offer so much in terms of awesome benefits at a great value when it comes to service that I really hope you'll look over that link and give us a shot to make this right if a lower down payment is in order! Thanks again for taking the time to post about your experience here -- Smartphone Equality should be seamless, so in the event that it should have been awarded to your account automatically and it wasn't, that's valuable feedback. It's important to us to know what we can do to improve experiences for our long term customers so that we can help them stay even longer, so we appreciate your feedback.


        - Marissa

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          Re: No Love for a Long Time Customer

          Something doesn't add up.


          explain what you are trying to do?  T-Mobile isn't going to make you pay $900 for an S8.  They'd make you buy it outright if you do not qualify for a single device under a payment plan.  There is something more to this story are you trying to take advantage of a promotion and to comply with it you end up paying $900 total?