Unlock Iphone


    I bought an my Iphone new from BestBuy (iphone 8). The moment I put my SIM card in from my previous phone (a T Mobile SIM), the phone locked to T Mobile. I am traveling outside the US soon, and need the phone unlocked, however the T Mobile support team claims that since I didn't buy the phone directly from T Mobile, they are unable to unlock it. I have been in contact with senior tech support at Apple who assure me that the ONLY entity able to unlock the phone is T Mobile - as they are the party the phone is locked to. The phone appears and is registered fine on my T Mobile account, and I do not wish to terminate my service with T Mobile. However, IT IS THE T MOBILE SIM THAT LOCKED THE PHONE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I have spent about 3 hours on the phone with various tech supporters and managers and they all pass the buck - T Mobile to Apple, Apple back to T Mobile. Please HELP!

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