How do you voice a complaint to get the execs worried abt $$


    One reason why i don't change my plan with T-Mobile is about 7 yrs ago i had a bad experience and my billing was screwed up. Well last year I called and took advantage of the 2 free lines. This occurred 11/2016, I have called every month spoken to multiple supervisors or so called escalations specialist. I have seen my bill go from 117 which $5 of it was score that expired in 12/2016 to sometimes it's 140, sometimes 160, sometimes 300. I'm not a fan of switching companies, i want what i agreed to, 2 free lines and only paying for the taxes. This is absolutely ridiculous. Who do i have to fuss at and scream at near the top or report to to make the shareholders nervous about their returns to get this issue fixed?

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      • nelfar212

        So I'm not sure what's happing look at your bill thoroughly to ensure you do have 3rd party charges ie Google play. when looking at the bill you can see each line and the promo's applied for example I have several lines with discounts.

        Wearable Unlimited Talk + text, 500mg data  $15.00

        (-$10 Mobile internet discount)

        Tablet 6GB $35.00

        (-$10 mobile internet discount)

        (50% AAL promo -$12.50)

        ^ this is what you need to look for on your bill, if these aren't there then look at past bills to determine when your discounts were removed.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Making sure your billing is correct is super important for us and I'm sorry this hasn't been resolved. Taking a look at the charges on your bill as suggested above is a good start. There should be an indication that the plan has been changed to what you requested before. We'd need to take a look at the account in detail if it not reflecting on your bill. In order to do that, you'll wanna contact our T-Force team using the social links on our Contact Us page. They can review your account and provide more help with getting this resolved.