Text message phone numbers turning to email addresses on WIFI calling


    About 2 years ago, people's phone numbers began showing up as phone#@vtext.net, phone#@text.att.net, or phone#@tmomail.net, etc when I received SMS texts on WIFI calling on my Tmobile Samsung devices. The problem is that my text responses to these number-email combinations do not go through or end up garbled on the recipients end. I have called about this problem and Tmobile seems to have no idea how to fix this. And there appears to be no way to reverse these number-emails back to just phone numbers once this error has occurred. Even worse, more and more of my contacts have become these strange phone-email hybrids and I can no longer directly respond to texts with them. FOR EVERY TEXT RESPONSE I HAVE TO CREATE A NEW MESSAGE, CHOOSE THEIR PHONE NUMBER FROM MY CONTACTS AND SEND! It's absolutely ridiculous and frustrating. Fortunately WhatsApp and others exist but a phones BASIC SMS function should work without this kind of error! I know of no other person on any other carrier that has this problem. Please fix Tmobile!

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