Feedback on Digits Web


    Stayed away from Digits for about a year while bugs were ironed out.  Just started using it again and I wanted to note 2 issues and 1 recommendation.


    1.  Gmail contact sync disconnects. Each time I login, I have to "re-allow" gmail contacts as digits seems to forget and lose the connection.  This is mildly frustrating, but i've gotten used to having to do it.


    2. DTMF tones are too short and for several IVR systems, I can't use them.  Please allow the DTMF to go as long as the key press or at least a little longer than it lasts now.  This is very frustrating.


    3. Allow alpha dialing, many numbers on the web still contain alpha digits in their numbers, would be nice if the client could translate this back into digits.


    Thanks, keep up the good work.