WiFi Calling not working 100%


    I have set up my e911 address, I have went to Settings > SIM & Network Settings and enabled WiFi Calling. I've tried both WiFi preferred and Cellular preferred for Calling preference. However, WiFi Calling doesn't work 100%. I used to have a great cellular connection at my home, but I've moved and now I always have No Service or Emergency Calls Only. A reboot is sometimes required (while standing next to my router) to actually get WiFi Calling to work. If I lose connection in the night, I have to do the same thing in the morning. I don't have a connection at school either: WiFi Calling does not work there (for me). When I come home, I've found that if I leave my device asleep for a while near the router it will get WiFi Calling working. If I turn it on too soon, it will have Emergency Calls Only and I will have to reboot.


    How can I get WiFi Calling to always enable on any network?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: WiFi Calling not working 100%

        WiFi calling can be a little trickier than it should be. I frequent a place that has a very poor T-Mobile signal but if I leave my phone in "Cellular preferred" mode it will try to connect to the bad cellular signal over the good WiFi. Same thing but opposite happens in areas where WiFi is marginal and cellular is good in "WiFi preferred" mode. I wish my phone had a "Use the best" mode. Sometimes I have to reboot my phone too, when it gets confused. I had to do this after a recent Delta flight where I was using T-Mobile's free Gogo WiFi.


        Sometimes it has a lot to do with the WiFi router. Low quality routers can be the cause of poor performance of WiFi calling. T-Mobile used to provide (loan) a high-quality WiFi router to customers who requested one. I understand that they don't do this any more because they have the LTE CellSpot that accomplishes the same end.


        As for not connecting at school. It's hard to say how the school's WiFi is set up. They could be blocking the "ports" needed to connect to WiFi Calling. How does WiFi Calling work at, say, a friend's or family member's house? Does it work well anywhere or is it bad everywhere you try to use it? To answer your last question: WiFi Calling won't "always enable on any network". Some WiFi networks can block WiFi Calling from working and the phone tests the network to see if it's stable enough while connecting to the WiFi Calling server and won't connect if it feels the WiFi connection is too poor quality.

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        • blackknight23

          Re: WiFi Calling not working 100%

          Try to do a reset on your router if that doesnt work, try a factory reset on the router

          if nothing try a factory data reset on your phone.