T-Mobile BOGO promo is a lie


    T-Mobile did not honor the Black Friday BOGO promo. I bought 2 iPhone 7 and add 2 new lines from the website on black Friday and I received the confirmation email that indicate my order is placed successful.


    After a week, I have not received my phones or heard any thing from T-Mobile neither so I call the customer service. The customer service said because of too many orders so they forgot to process my order. I said OK, can you process the order now? The customer service said the BOGO promo is expired so you can't have the reward card. I said this is not my fault, I placed the order during the promotion, it is your mistake that forgot to process the order, why I have to pay for your mistakes. The argument lasted about 30 minutes and transfered 4 people but everyone said there is nothing I can do.


    Horrible system, horrible service and use disnoest promo to cheat customers.