T-Mobile BOGO promo is a lie


    T-Mobile did not honor the Black Friday BOGO promo. I bought 2 iPhone 7 and add 2 new lines from the website on black Friday and I received the confirmation email that indicate my order is placed successful.


    After a week, I have not received my phones or heard any thing from T-Mobile neither so I call the customer service. The customer service said because of too many orders so they forgot to process my order. I said OK, can you process the order now? The customer service said the BOGO promo is expired so you can't have the reward card. I said this is not my fault, I placed the order during the promotion, it is your mistake that forgot to process the order, why I have to pay for your mistakes. The argument lasted about 30 minutes and transfered 4 people but everyone said there is nothing I can do.


    Horrible system, horrible service and use disnoest promo to cheat customers.

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      • magenta3845302

        Re: T-Mobile BOGO promo is a lie

        T-Mobile told me about the BOGO promotion. I went to the store, purchased 2 IPhone 8 after they told me I am qualified for the promotion if I add a new line to my account, I will then receive a full rebate within 2-5 weeks to one of the iPhone 8. After a month and a half of waiting, they are telling me that my rebate was declined. Under no circumstances will they return my full rebate, the furthest they will go is giving me half. Not only was I mislead, but they didn't know how to address the issue. Worst  phone company ever!

        • magenta3589542

          Re: T-Mobile BOGO promo is a lie

          T-mobile did not honor its Iphone X swapping device promo. I went to get an iphone X and they said they would trade it with my iPhone 6Plus. I paid $583 and got my 256 GB iPhone X and was supposed to mail my iPhone 6Plus to get $300 back instead. The last date was Dec 16th. I went to UPS and they refused to take it saying I had to go to the post office. I called Tmobile customer service who sent me a new retutn label for UPS and said I could return it on Dec 17th. The agent said he had changed the date to Dec 17th on the system. After about 10 days I got a message aying they would only give me back $122. i called Tmobile customer service and the agent said there has been an error and after keeping me on hold for a ong time said he had done everything and asked me to disregard the messages. I kept getting the same message again. I ignored them for a while and then called Tmobile again. Once again I went through the same long hold and got the same message that all was set right. This happened once again. Finally today when I called the representative said I could have my device back or the $122. My iPhone being in very good condition, I said I'd rather have my phone back. There's no way I'm trading it for $122!! T-Mobile lies and there seems to be no one who is actually looking into the issue. They just waste our time.

          • minorfall

            Re: T-Mobile BOGO promo is a lie

            This happened to me as well.  T-mobile also sent me a link to get Netflix for free and the didn't pay for it. They just told me that I didn't do it, even though I did.  Furthermore they didn't give me the 2 for 1 promo on the iPhone.  I am canceling my account and going back to AT&T. They use unbelievable promotions to get you in and then do not follow through or make an effort to make it right.


            Buyer be ware.