No service anywhere near my house. (Good coverage area according to T-Mobile)


    Switched to T-Mobile 5 days ago and have contacted support a few times, and one of the times i was sent a signal booster to try to improve "coverage in the home". Well anyway, there's nothing to improve. There's No Service inside, outside, and almost a mile away still no service. Randomly, sometimes we receive 4 bars of LTE inside the house but it disappears after a couple minutes, and when it showed up, I did a speedtest to see if it was a quality signal, and got 30ms ping and 20mbps download, but then it went back to No Signal. The zip code is 95547, and here are some screenshots of the coverage map and something called an MVNO map that I was told to look at, but both say excellent signal and the phones we have are 4 iPhone 8+'s and 1 Galaxy S8+, both saying I should have good coverage. I've heard stories about T-Mobile not working indoors which I was expecting could be a problem when switching, but it becomes a real problem when there's no signal outside for almost a mile away. We've been sent a signal booster as I said, and trying all different spots in the house, it has no bars lit up green, and it said that you need at least one bar on it for it to work. Technical support said all the towers in the area are working fine, but that brings up three questions. Why do I have no service in a spot where it says excellent coverage, why do I have no service in a near mile radius, and why do I randomly receive 4 bars of LTE inside my house that vanishes after a minute or two? I've contacted T-Force on twitter and they suggested sending a Wifi box or something but I want coverage that works not some shoddy temporary solution. 679bb145b38bf3a32607857c93aa2c2e.png c98c4a91757cc069dafdcd1427aa387c.pngI've contacted tech support twice too and they did not offer help, one said "There are no towers in your area" and the other rep said "We've checked the towers in your area and all are working good"

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