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    On Monday night I went to to order a Note8. I submitted my credit card and signed as equipment agreement. I then was emailed that few dew equipment agreement was received and there was an order number for my purchase.  When I clicked on the link to check pending order there is no order for me. I called Tmobile customer service on Monday night to inquire, and they had no record of my order even though I had an order number. I was on the phone with a guy who after 20 minutes and him supposedly talking with Costco reps, he finally told me that the Costco Reps wanted to speak to me.  He transferred me and I was on hold for over an hour. I was wondering if they were already closed for the night.  So after an hour, i had to hang up.   Then yesterday (Tuesday) after work I called Tmobile again.  They transferred me over the course of over an hour to 4 different reps.  They never did find my order.  And eventually told me i needed to talk to Costco Wireless Svcs.  It feels like this is the first ever Costco/Tmobile online order.  Costco rep said he wasn't privy to my account info and that when the order is placed, Costco takes the order (so I get Costco benefits) But then my information is all turned over to Tmobile.


    So with all that being said, I ordered another phone thru Costco last night.  I received equipment agreement letter and a new order phone.  When I try to look for my new order it isn't anywhere to be found!


    So I now have 2 order numbers but they can't be located. I don't know if I've actually purchased 1 phone,  2 phones or no phones!?


    I'm frustrated that Costco and Tmobile aren't familiar with how this process works and gave me no  answers.


    Any suggestions as to what I should do now?  I feel like I'm in a wait and see position right now and I don't know for how long.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Costco Online Order

        Oh no!


        That's got to be beyond frustrating.


        Unfortunately we are pretty limited as to what we can see on an order not initiated by us if the information hasn't made its way over to us. Costco isn't wrong when they express limitations as to what they can see. However, the issue would likely be on their end as we don't seem to be having any sort of widespread issue like this.


        Is the order associated with any charges you'd be able to see on a card statement?



        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Costco Online Order

          I know this a total headache but we'd like to make sure this gets resolved. I agree with Lauren about being limited as to what we can see, but are those charges showing up on your bank account? If not, that could be why there isn't an order number. That could mean it's possible the order didn't go through in the first place. Please let us know.

          • yoohoo422

            Re: Costco Online Order

            Nope, still hasn't been resolved.  No charges have shown up on my credit card, but I have been using my card for other things, so it's not my card. 


            I would like to go thru Costco because I get kick back from the purchase, and they offer an accessory bundle.


            When I go to upgrade I get a msg that says


            You can only upgrade one line at a time for your account.  If you continue it will override the cart for the upgrade you have in process for XXX-XXX-XXXX.

            Here's your Options.....WAIT    or I'm Okay Upgrade now.


            I have gotten this every time I try to order, it is like it thinks I have an order in process even before I started to try ordering a phone.  I select the I'm Okay Upgrade Now.  And continue with the ordering process.  T-mobile has no record of any orders.  Yes, very frustrating because my current phone is getting worse by the day and I've been trying to order since the 27th, and the last time I called Tmobile they told me that there was no order in process and I would be able to order.  So I attempted order #3 yesterday....  Then I get this email....


            Thanks for your visit! A copy of your Equipment Agreement will be sent to you shortly. This will become effective once your order is complete. We'll send you another email, including a tracking number, when your device ships.

            If you need assistance with anything, don't worry—we've got your back. Check out the details of your order below. You can also call Customer Service at 1‑800‑866‑2453 for assistance.

            Your T‑Mobile Team



              • yoohoo422

                Re: Costco Online Order

                And then at the bottom of the email there is an order number and a time of the order.


                I fear that all the sudden the system is going to kick in and send me 3 phones or something.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Re: Costco Online Order

                    Hmm, well I certainly hope it didn't order 3 phones for you. When you got tracking numbers, where they for UPS or USPS? Have you gone directly to the shipping website (like UPS) and searched any of the tracking numbers to see if there's any info on it? I took a peek at the Costco Customer Care page and it has some contact info for canceling an order. Have you called that specific number there and seen if someone could find your orders and cancel any duplicate ones?

                      • yoohoo422

                        Re: Costco Online Order

                        Miracle of Miracles.  I finally think the order went through!  It shows up on my account as being ordered and I got another email, not just the one saying I had signed the agreement. 


                        I just hope if I get 3 others, (I don't think I will) that they will take them all back with no fees or penalties to me.

                          • tmo_mike_c

                            Re: Costco Online Order

                            That sounds like progress to me! I'm so glad the order went through! I suggest taking a look at your account as well as keeping an eye on those other orders to see if they process. Odds are if you weren't charged for them, the other orders didn't go through. Thanks a bunch from coming back to let us know how things are going.

                            • tmo_marissa

                              Re: Costco Online Order

                              Hey there! Just wanted to check in and see how things were going with your Costco order(s)! I hope you're doing well!


                              - Marissa