TMobile lied


    Dear T Mobile

    On Monday Nov 27, I called to T Mobile and spoke with a rep John L. about the promotion BOGO iPhone. I ended up signing up with John for the promotion since it was the last day. For the whole entire conversation, he NEVER mentioned about the rate plan change. I agreed to activate a new line which became the 8th line in my family plan. He told me I would only get $10 charge each month for the additional line. I requested for space grey and gold colors for the two iPhones. He even told me he would send me two screen protectors free of charge. He asked for my credit card info to charge me for the down payments of two phones which was in the total of $191.93 I received the electronic signature request through my email. I signed it while having him on the phone. Before we ended the call, I recapped everything he had done for me. He confirmed and reassured me that he activated the new line just for $10 each month and I got to keep the same rate plan, he placed the order of 2 iPhones which are space grey and gold with 2 complimentary screen protectors, he charged me $191.93 for the down payments of 2 phones, and he even told me I will receive the down payment of the free phone back in Master prepaid card. He was really nice and polite. I gave him a good survey for his service as he mentioned before we hung up. And he even offered to call me back the next day to provide me the new phone number and the order confirmation of the 2 iPhones. I waited for him to call back for the next 2 days which he never did. So I ended up calling to TMobile today 11/30 and talked to a different rep. What she told me was completely different than what John told me. She said John only put in the order of 1 iPhone and I got charged for the screen protector. And she told me if I wanted to keep the deal, I have to change my rate plan. And I swear John NEVER ever mentioned anything about the rate plan. I was shocked and I seriously don’t know who and what I should believe. Same company but the information given was completely different. I waited on the phone for a long time and finally got to talk to a TMobile rep, instead of getting help, I ended up having more issues and problems. I started 3 lines with TMobile and now expanded to 8 lines. I seriously have no idea what’s going on.

    Please kindly help...

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: TMobile lied

        Oh goodness. This certainly isn't the experience we want our customers to have, by any means.


        Our suggestion is to have T-Force take a look at your account, if at all possible. You can contact them on FB or Twitter, their information can be found here - Contact Us


        From there they will be able to access your account directly and see what options are available!