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    I see from the coverage map that T-Mobile doesn't provide coverage to the upper peninsula of Michigan. If I travel up there will I not have service at all? Will service be provided through someone else's towers/service?

    Does T-Mobile have an intention on expanding to the UP?

    Just a suggestion. I know the UP is relatively small. but it has 3 major universities and several smaller colleges. This would be a great opportunity for T-Mobile to gain newer customers that are paying higher fees to At&t or Verizon.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: upper peninsula

        Hey there! I just took a look at the area and unfortunately we do not have any coverage in that area and we don't have any roaming agreements with any other carriers there. I am also not seeing any future plans, at least in the near future for plans to expand coverage there but that is not saying that it will never happen. If you plan on traveling to that area and your phone/account qualifies for it, you can contact us to have your phone unlocked so you could perhaps pick up a prepaid sim for a carrier that does have coverage there.