Bad experience while adding a new line to my account


    Did the $300 trade in bill credit offer expire?

    My last 4 phone calls with T Mobile yielded frustrating experience and extremely disappointing. I was trying to add a line to my account. The rep talked me into BOGO offer on Iphone X. The first phone was confirmed and When i later checked on the status of the second phone, they said, I am ineligible for the BOGO offer. I was glad I followed up on it. I was then trying to get into the trade in promotion and called in to place the order today and they say the trade in promotion was expired on November 7, which is not true as per other representative. I am now thinking about moving out of t mobile. All carriers are offering a promotions on Iphone but not tmobile. I hope all the customer service reps get right information and communicate the information consistently and not just try to do a mad rush on getting subscribers into the network. So much inconvenience caused to me with no apology. Not the best way to do business, T Mobile.

    Just my honest feedback.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! The BOGO we had for the 7, 7+, 8, and 8+ did expire on 11/27 and the $300 credit (via 24 monthly bill credits) which included the option of purchasing the iPhone X expired on 11/9. I sincerely apologize for any confusion! You can always check out the latest current promotions we are running here.

          • shiv4uall


            Thanks for the reply.

            I checked at the store 30 mins ago and they say the Iphone X offer ended on 11/27 and not 11/9. This is what I am talking about.

            Either your documents are not updated or the customer service reps are not showing enough importance on the authenticity of the information they provide to the callers. I would say this is the worst customer service in terms of giving the correct information.Lot of inconvenience, disappointing.

            However, all the reps definitely tried to help me with the situation as this is an issue on T Mobile, but unable to do much.