Can't login to T-Mobile via app




    Just ported my number over from AT&T and while I can access my account from a PC, I cannot access it from the app on my Note 8 as it's tied to the temporary number given to me. I know what happened, I logged into the account before the number has ported and since then when opening the app it goes straight to asking for my password. If I try to reset it I get a "In order to reset your password, please enter the following information for TEMPORARY PHONE NUMBER


    If I enter the correct password it's denied as "Sorry, that information does not match our records"


    Since it's the app I cannot get rid of it, any suggestions?

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      • virtualtaylor

        Re: Can't login to T-Mobile via app

        Since no one responded I took it upon myself to investigate and found the solution.


        - Settings
        - Apps

        - Select T-Mobile app

        - Force stop

        - Three dot settings at top-right

        - Uninstall


        It doesn't actually uninstalls, but does clear all data from the app. From there you will just "re-create" your account. I use quotes because I already had an account, I just entered my info and now it works.