Unable to log in to my T-Mobile


    I cannot log in to my T-mobile via any web browser or computer. I go the the "Forgot your password link", and reset the password. Then I try to log in with the new password and the browser screen just goes back to the "Log in to my T-Mobile" screen with no error message. Endless loop that just repeats. I even get emails from My T-Mobile saying my password has been reset, but I am still unable to log in. Sometimes I will get the captcha verification screen, but when I verify the captcha code, the browser just goes back to the "Log in to My-T-Mobile" screen. Again, no error message. No matter how many times I reset the password the result is the same endless loop.


    I have tried talking to customer service, and the only thing they can do is take more money from you or refer you to tech support.


    I have tried numerous times talking to tech support and the only thing they can do is send a password reset link to your email, (which ends up producing the same endless loop) or tell you that they will raise a support ticket and someone will call me back (which they never do).


    I have explained to tech support that I have had the same complaint for several months, and I ask them to look in the record for my account to see all the complaints. This request is ignored, the and subject is changed. and I believe that they have no record of previous complaints, whether resolved or unresolved. When I get frustrated with them the line goes dead! The old dropped line trick!


    I spend most of the year overseas, out of the country. I cannot set up the My T-Mobile app unless I am in the USA and in the T-Mobile network.


    I get prompts to fill out a customer survey after going though all this, and when I attempt to fill the survey, it just disappears.


    But, I have to say, when it comes to methods to collect more money, those systems seem to work pretty good!

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