Is my 4G LTE Signal Booster working?


    On my iPhone 7 Plus, I get 1-2 bars LTE coverage in my home in San Diego.  I run various speed tests and typically less than 1Mbit download and sporadically I may get 6-8Mbit upload.  My experience using the phone though for data is horrible and I use my WiFi.  I would like though to have solid LTE in my house if my WiFi should go down, so I got the 4G LTE Signal Booster off eBay from a guy who sold 1900 of them.


    I put the window unit in my window and it shows 5 of 5 solid bars.

    I put the coverage unit throughout my house testing between 0 to 9 on the display.

    Never does my iPhone 7 Plus report more bars.  Right now as I type this I have 1 of 4 bars and it is quite slow.


    So my question is this...

    If the window unit shows 5 bars and through all the various locations in my house that I put the coverage unit, should I ever get 4 or 5 bars?  I would have thought the idea was that perhaps the antenna in the window unit is superior to my iPhone (easier to put a good antenna in there, than find a way in a tiny iPhone), to which it could then repeat that greatly received signal and give me higher bars, higher speed, lower latency, etc?


    I'll add that I cant see any way to check dBm on the new iOS 11.2 that I run

    Am I off on this?

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      • snn555

        Re: Is my 4G LTE Signal Booster working?

        You could have gotten a signal booster or LTE cellspot from T-Mobile for free. Those devices are property of T-Mobile.   I’d be Leary of stolen equipment. But nonetheless you should call T-Mobile to have the device checked for connection eligibility.

          • amg1978

            Re: Is my 4G LTE Signal Booster working?

            Anythings possible, but I doubt it's stolen.  319,000 feedback from this seller, and he has sold a lot of these.  I bet it's just a big company that moves overstock product.


            I did actually call T-Mobile this morning and there is nothing to activate, nothing to perform on that unit.  If you have the LTE cellspot which uses your home internet feed, then that must be activated, but for this simple booster, they said plug in and go.


            For all I know, it is working as intended, but it just doesn't accomplish what I want.  Not sure how to find out.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Is my 4G LTE Signal Booster working?

            Happy Friday, amg1978!


            Just wanted to stop by to see if you had a second to look over the last two replies. Also, have you checked this out yet: 4G LTE Signal Booster setup & help ? There are a few steps included to improve your in-home signal.

              • amg1978

                Re: Is my 4G LTE Signal Booster working?

                I worked with T-Force folks on Facebook and they were super knowledgeable.  I have a new unit on its way to me right now courtesy of T-Mobile.  Both TMo and I are not totally positive it will help.  They explained exactly where my closest tower is.  Even on the top of my roof holding my phone out with the clearest line of sight to the tower, my signal on my phone is bad.  So I think its possible that the unit in the window (not as clear as on the top of my roof) will not be able to get the best of reception too.


                The other unit which uses my home Wi-Fi would be the next option as T-Mobile stated.  I will try this first... It's on the UPS truck..thanks, I'll work directly with them in the future, no need to push this thread anymore.



              • fourthstar

                Re: Is my 4G LTE Signal Booster working?

                To my knowledge there are two different versions of the signal booster. I had one 2 years Ago and it was for the 1900MHz. When they upgraded my tower to a 700MHz one. The signal booster no longer worked since they dont repeat 2G. That booster was for the 1900. As of mid- November 2017. They released one that repeats the 700MHz. im not sure if it also does the 1900MHz also, but I’m glad to see they put one out for the newer generation of smart phones. Newer models of phone should have 2 receivers built into them. Both can work simultaneously depending on what towers you have near you. Basically check the model of your booster and see if it is a newer generation or the older one, and that should let you know if it will work for your phone / tower.