Samsung J7  7.1.1 update


    I've been a customer of T-mobile for quite a few years with their phones. I've always liked my experience with the company. I've updated numerous times and I've never experienced the change that 7.1.1 brought to the phone. I dislike it immensely. What bothers me the most is this is my phone, I own it. This setup is not the phone I purchased. I had no idea this update would change the total layout of the phone. I called T-Mobile and was told it was Samsung. Samsung said it was T-Mobile. After getting home and looking at the internet it belongs to T-Mobile. They are the last gate keeper so to speak that put it out to their customers. I believe after reading some other blogs this update may end up as W8 did, you either love it or hate it. After being told this update cannot be set back I found a blog which said it can be flashed back to 6.0.1 at the Samsung kiosk in BestBuy. I'll be headed there as soon as possible and I'll advise how it went for any others unhappy with 7.1.1.


    Bottom line...I feel this was almost forced upon us without the awareness provided by T-Mobile as to what changes would occur with the phone. Something this substantial, I should be able to make the decision. 

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