LG G6 charging blocked/corrupt SD card?


    I've had this phone for the last 8 months and love it, even though I've suffered through the hotspot/WiFi fiasco that  was thankfully  solved with  an update. Unfortunately, two more issues have reared their ugly heads since then.


    I've been getting an error whenever I plug my G6 in to charge. It's sporadic, but more often than not, my phone thinks there's moisture in the usb-c port....but there isn't any. In fact, the phone's never even had anything spilled on it let alone been dropped in water. The message I keep getting is something to the effect of "charging blocked. Moisture detected in usb-c port."


    I used to be able to shut the phone down completely, and then charge it while it's off, albeit very slowly. Now, when I plug the charger into the phone, it forces my phone to turn on, and the cycle repeats itself. When it does allow me charge, I get maybe at most 10-15% of a charge, and the message pops up again! I have to either shut off/restart the phone, or wait for the message to disappear (which could take upwards of 2 hours) and try again, crossing my fingers that I can get some sort of a charge out of it.


    I should say that wireless charging still works perfectly, albeit at a much slower pace. At home, this isn't too much of an issue as I have wireless charger to fall back on, but on the go charging is hit or miss (emphasis on the "miss").


    The second issue to crop is the fact that just about every time I restart the phone, I get a message stating my SD card is corrupt. It doesn't happen at every single restart (notice how many times I restart the phone a day?) but it happens the majority of times.


    To the best of my reasoning, the two issues are not related in the sense that I can removed the SD card before powering on my phone and I'll still get the charging blocked issue, and other times I'll have the SD card inserted and will be able to get somewhat of charge untill that God forsaken message pops up again.


    Has anyone else been having this issue?


    Android version - 7.0

    Security patch level - October 1, 2017

    Kernal version - 3.18.31

    Build # - NRD90U

    Software version - H87210Q

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta2740556!


        Gosh, it sounds like your G6 has a mind of its own. Let's see if we can get this figured out.


        Issue #1: Unable to charge - This is common if you leave your phone in a humid area (humid climate, bathroom while the shower is running, etc). You have a few options:

        • Clean the charging port with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab/q-tip
        • Modify the charging settings by following these steps:
          1. Go to Settings
          2. Select Developer Options
            • If you don't see developer options, go to settings, then select about phone, scroll down to where you see build number, tap it 7 times to get the developer option back.
          3. Select USB Configuration
          4. Toggle on Charging Only


        Issue #2: Corrupt SD card - Have you tried saving your photos on a PC then format the SD card yet? I've read reports of when this occurs the SD card can't be formatted which I hope isn't the case here.

        • magenta2740556

          Already tried cleaning with a Q-tip and cotton swab. No help.


          Every now and again, my phone seems to think that something is plugged into the port when in fact, nothing is. I get a notification on it's own asking me what I would prefer the USB port to do, so no need to even go through those steps of going into settings. To add insult to injury, it automatically sets the USB port to "charge other devices." This is usually solved by actually plugging in the charger, but still, annoying.


          The SD card isn't corrupt. Every now and then when I restart the phone, the SD card will mount just fine. Other times it'll tell me the card is corrupted.


          I have a feeling this is definitely a software issue. A quick Google search will show results from other forums with people being plagued with the same issues with this phone. I'm just surprised no one on the T-Mo forums with this phone has experienced anything like this.


          • tmo_mike_c

            Thanks for trying to clean out the port. Sorry to hear it's still giving trouble. What if you try flipping the phone into Safe mode and use it for a while? Does it still show you the moisture error message?

            • tmo_chris

              Hey there Any luck in safe mode like tmo_mike_c  suggested?

              • magenta2740556

                Sorry, I wound up getting an LG V30. I need my phone for work and couldn't risk it dying throughout the day because of not being able to charge it. I wish I could be of further help, but getting answers from this forum was taking too long and I couldn't risk another day with the phone in it's then current condition. Thanks to those that tried to help!