Want to trade my iPhone 7. What are some money saving options


    Want to trade my iPhone 7

    -Purchased a iPhone 7 on September 2017 and now I'm having second thoughts and would prefer to go back to Android.

    I'm past the 14 day window of returning the phone for a refund and trying to weigh out by options in a cost effective / money saving effort.



    Here are the details:

    -PLAN BALANCE remaining for the phone: $572.00

    -I have JUMP!® with Premium Device Protection featuring AppleCare Services

    -I want to go back with Android; dont mind anything that is not the lastest and greatest (Ex: Samsung S7, Note 4, LG, etc)



    What I'm thinking:

    Be able to trade phone via JUMP. Would not know how that would work though.

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