What is 'push messages' in messages app?


    I won't tap it because when I tapped 'Move to secure box' my message now requires a password to bring it back to the 'General box'
    I NEVER PUT IN A PASSWORD! ... and I see other users who fail in the same trap!


    Who knows what will happen if I tap "Push messages" !?


    see topic  (How to retrieve messages from the Secure Box?)

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta3264673!


        Welcome to our Support Community! I'd love to make sure I know exactly what feature you're referring to. First, I need to know what type of phone you're using. I assume it's a HTC model from looking at your other post.

          • magenta3264673

            Thank you for trying to help

            You may jump to MASTER RESET(below) to save time...

            your community web site is a master confusion, it asks me to login to reply, but it throws me away from the message page and I struggle to find your message via your crazy search or the community master page... forget it...!?
            only when I decided to click the link in your email once I am logged in, does it go to the msg!

            This is 2 issues in one

            YES HTC, more precisely the Messages App which is part of the HTC setup on phone, nothing to do with T-Mobile

            I have since chatted with one of your reps, and was told I would get better support from HTC


            When one is on the threads list in the HTC pre-loaded Messages app, tapping the 3dots menu offers a 'Push messages' option and a 'Move to Secure box' option.
            I pressed the move to secure button because I thought a message was a virus. (I don't know if I did from the threads(conversations) list or from the message itself... the push messages option seem to only show on the conversations list and not on the actual thread... as I try to duplicate this scenario.


            I know one of my threads is missing... thus move to secure box, means a whole conversation evidently.


            I had never used either option, though I had looked for user-guide info... and failed to find instructions on either. if partial info on one.
            when I used the move to secure box option it set a password, making it impossible to move the messages back to the general box
            I view of that, I am not tapping the push messages option, as I dread what it might do!!!


            Now that I had learnt to go to the HTC site, I finally got a full user guide on the Messages App... and the push messages option is not even treated!!!
            I have left a message to the HTC support to see if can get info!



            MASTER RESET
            I have an HTC Desire 530
            in one of your messaged to me, you state I can do a MASTER RESET implying I will lose no data!?


            ...and if I save my data to my PC ... how will the secure box be handled, etc...


            I have my doubts, as of now... but let us see what you have to suggest.


            Note: while I was typing this note the screen scrolled up to your reply's avatar which pops a myriad of dancing icons...
            I did not want to chat with you, because I want this clearly delineated for one to refer to rather than I having to repeat the story to each support person

            As I attempted to keep typing... even a space, it kept throwing me back to the avatar, effectively keeping me from typing!!!
            then some how when I clicked the avatar, and got nothing, I clicked your name... and here we go... now my message is gone... I am on another page!
            luckily, I decided to recycle by doing a back and clicking the reply in case your message app would be smart enough... low and behold it is!
            not very contextual... but now-a-days apps are so ridiculous, one would want to line up all so-called designers on the treason wall.
            Here we go again the page srolls up to your avatar each key I press!


            If had been in short fuse mode... I may never have known... since the pending reply did not appear on the screen until I clicked REPLY!

              • magenta3264673

                many report that the app sets a password without the user being aware of it.
                Some say to type the entire QUERTY... line on the keyboard... did NOT for work for me.


                ...and I know what push notifications are... but what does that have to do with 'push messages', are they related!?


                ...and if I tap push messages what irreversible damage will that cause (as the move to secure box did)


                ...and having to reset the phone means massive work to bring it back to par trying to figure out what settings to reinstate!?

                   would need a way to save the setup and restore it!?

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate your feedback on our site. It's helpful to have a user's experience as we're used to working in this environment day-to-day. I'll definitely pass the feedback along to our developers.


                    Internally, we do not have any steps for "push messages" nor do we have information on what exactly that means. Trust me, I've gone through the manual a few times trying to figure it out. I'm glad you headed over HTC to get more info. Be sure to let us know what you find out on that.


                    As far as the master reset goes, that was the resolution provided from HTC. If information isn't backed up, the data will be lost. From what I read, the only way to reset the "secure box" password is to complete a master reset. Yes, this means you'll likely have to redo all of your settings unless you use HTC Backup: http://www.htc.com/us/htc-transfer/ which will maintain all of your settings. Master resets are never fun (I'm not a fan of them) but are necessary at times.

                      • magenta3264673

                        ok... you confirm my logic by providing a clear answer to every point I made that pertains.


                        FY&MI : I now see that while using this community tool, given a scenario I am now able to duplicate, this screen scrolls up as mentioned in prior reply, but not forcefully to your avatar but up in a way that I must scroll back down to where I type, and first key I tap, there it goes up again.

                        3 things I can say I understand now,
                        1- I was fooled the first time it occurred, thinking the dancing avatar came to life to get my attention that the rep is trying to hint to get into a chat
                            when in fact the avatar always dances since it is an animated ........ .gif pic!
                        2- I had recovered from this some way, last time, without loosing the page(as explained in prior reply) but could not remember how
                            This time I just threw the editor in "<HTML>" mode and back to full editor, and voila recovered...

                        3- Sometimes it does not scroll the page but jumps the cursor to the nearest above line END and typing lands at that position... or jumps to browser destinations that bring browser pages, etc...


                        I am in a constrained space, and suspect it occurs when I inadvertently press the Ctrl key along with what ever key combination creates the resulting outcome.
                        As a programmer analyst, I remember having to filter the allowed keystrokes to avoid these confusions, and the best way to do it was to use a Regular Expression Match filter and/or controlling the key events trickling sequence in the javascript code.


                        One point that is not answered here, that I have forwarded to HTC.
                        Is there a way to save the phone SETUP, so it can be restored rather than painfully rebuilt.  I suspect, NO!
                        I am still waiting on HTC's response!


                        Thank you, I have flagged this issue resolved as to your involvement in it.

                          • magenta3264673

                            Of the many ways this can be done, as it works smoothly on many similar tools on the Internet
                            where the link presents the login page first and then automatically switches to the thread page upon LOGIN....

                            - on the eMail sent that flags the user there is activity on the thread "...View the full discussion..."

                            it should instruct one to first LOGIN FFFFFFFFFIRST!!!!, before clicking that 'View...' link!
                            to save from the problems mentioned earlier in this thread.


                            - also I see now that the page jumps around at will... I am definitely not touching the Ctrl key... I noticed that if I scroll up to verify something in previous reply, then try to scroll to move the cursor up or down in the msg box... it jumps out as earlier described


                            - also shift-enter(soft return) kills the cursor..


                            I feel like a guinea pig now... I can see why this tool is void of entries... there are so many problems, people basically avoid it.
                            ...and I did not mention anything about other issues I had at the front of the tool...trying to figure out where to leave my request to begin with!
                            ...and how to locate it again from the front...

                            ok... done.

                            • tmo_amanda

                              You've provided a great deal of feedback that is invaluable to us, magenta3264673! We're taking all of this back to our developers to see what can be done to improve the user experience. It sounds like you have some experience with these type of things. Once again, thanks for the continued feedback. Feel free to keep it coming as you run into things.


                              With regard to your HTC question, I can't think of a different solution to restore the phone other than HTC backup as mentioned earlier.