Note 4 destroyed by latest update?


    So Note 4 has been such a great for for a very long time UNTIL


    After the phone working perfectly the update came and it was a nightmare!!



    We bought a brand new battery just in case it was the issue but same thing.


    We returned phone and got a new one BUT same thing happened to new one after update.



    We returned that one and got ANOTHER NOTE 4  and after a couple of weeks SAME THING after update!!



    For sure is not the battery, is not the SD Card, is not the apps installed We left the phone without all this.



    After doing a quick search see MANY articles of people having same issues as me after this update.


    My questions:

    What is going to happen?

    Are they going to fix this?

    What can you do about this mistake you pushed on us?

    Tmobile? Pls help!

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