New customer - but extremely unhappy!


    I'm going to TRY to condense this epistle, but I really want to vent.  Here are the facts:


    -11/19 - was at Clackamas Town Center (Portland, OR), buying some hairspray when I talked my Significant Other into going into TM to look at Pixel 2 (they don't have it) and Galaxy Note 8. 

    -We did *not* have T-Mobile - Loyal Verizon customers for over 15 years, but TM was close by, Verizon was not - and my SO wanted a new phone for Christmas - I thought "We can look at phones anywhere, and then upgrade at Verizon" So went into TM.

    -The sales guy (Trenton) was very nice, polite, knowledgeable (I thought) and no pressure.  He showed us the Note 8 - things it can do, etc.,  - said "if I may be so rude, are you over 55? Didn't offend me, as I'm no spring chicken! Gave us a bit of info on the 55+ plan; told us about the BOGO (which I said we could NOT take advantage of, because I still owe $364.00 on my GS7 at Verizon)

    however - and this is the important part:

    - Trenton, over the course of the next few minutes (and wanting to make a sale, I'm sure), assured us that T-Mobile had several incentives to convince us to switch, and we were eligible for ALL of them- including:


    *Paying off the $364.00 GS7 at Verizon

    *The 55+ plan = $60.00 per month for two lines with auto-pay

    *BOGO Galaxy Note 8

    *Waiving the activation fees for both phones if we signed up *today*.


    At this point, my SO and I asked if we could have a few minutes to talk about it.  It was a great deal, but still a big decision.  We were pretty happy at Verizon.  But in the end, the shiny, pretty new phones and $60.00 unlimited data sucked us in.   By that time, Trenton had begun helping another customer and asked his colleague, Tristan (I believe) to ring us up.  And although we didn't know it at the time, that decision is when the nightmare began.

    -We did *not* get the BOGO (my SO used a credit card, not me, plus we bought screen savers and one case, so the down-payments, and charges were not clear until later)!

    -*My* new Note 8 has a "temporary" number, as they could not (for reasons beyond me) get my phone number transferred over, although they did transfer my contacts, numbers, etc. - so I am still also on Verizon's plan!

    -Only one phone had the activation fee waived.

    -I tried getting the rebate for my BOGO and GS7 there at the store - that was a no go, and they could not tell me why. He asked me to call TM customer support for assistance with that.  By this time it was 6:00 p.m., we'd been in the store for close to 2 hours, and we were starving.  We did not anticipate any problems, and it wasn't until we got home, much later that night, that we realized things had gone not gone the way we had been told they would go.


    -The next day (Monday, 11/20) I called TM on my break at work. IIF I understood the agent correctly, I don't qualify for both the BOGO and the pay off of my GS7..... WHAT?!!!!  After I said "WHAT??????"  She was VERY anxious to get me off the phone.  I asked her to please put everything into an e-mail to me because it was difficult to understand what she was saying - and what she meant. She said she had just sent the e-mail, while I was on the phone with her. My e-mail address is on my TM account.  I NEVER received an e-mail from her.  For that matter, I NEVER received a WELCOME to T-Moblile e-mail!!!!! Unbelievable!


    -I have to say that I've called at LEAST seven times, and I have not been able to understand the majority of the reps. That is saying something, because I work in a call center myself,  and I talk to people from all over this country; my customers have all different accents and ethnicities, and I eventually can understand them enough to help, but most of these reps spoke so fast - it was like they didn't even WANT to help me....

    -Don't even get me started on the TM website.  It is RINKY ....  There's no other word for it.  It's like it was created by a 10 year old, or an incompetent, angry employee.  It is just WRONG on every level. The site's CHAT wouldn't even work!  It would be laughable, if I weren't ready to cry.

    -Wow. Well, this HAS turned into a novel, but I'm just SO angry.. and frustrated.. and disappointed.  I FINALLY spoke today to a Rep in the Retention department  who sounded like he was willing to help me by giving up $364.00 of T-Mobile's money along with the BOGO in exchange for a loyal customer for (at least) the next two years, but when I couldn't remember the store rep's name, he advised me to go back to the store myself.  Again - WHAT??????!!!!  Um, NO. You don't have the authority to make this right?


    Can SOMEONE help me?   At this point I would be HAPPY to give back the phones, get a full refund for all we've paid, and go back to Verizon.  I would still be willing to stay with T-Mobile if someone, ANYONE, can give me some decent customer service!!!!!!

    Now I can't post in this thread because it says I used profanity -  I DIDN'T (yet).....But it doesn't highlight what it thinks is profanity so I can fix it!!!!

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      • stevetjr

        Re: New customer - but extremely unhappy!

        Unfortunately in any commissioned environment you will get the sales folks that will "bundle" deals together because they can use it to sell (and not just talking TMO and phones but any product at any store that is commissioned) but they haven't read the fine print themselves and overstate what is possible and I am sure there are those that will say anything to "make the sale" but thankfully in most industries they tend to be short lived at that particular retailer. 


        As for the porting of numbers there are occasionally numbers that cannot be ported because they don't fall under the "portability law" for whatever reason and the original owner (carrier) owns the rights to that number and of course when they legally can want to make the process difficult because you are leaving LOL. Eventually some can be ported but it can take longer and some just can't be ported period.


        I have been with TMO for 13+ years and if they can fix this and you stay you will see you are much happier and get more than you ever did with VZW.  Rather than be on the phone and also you get the benefit of a "transcript" I would recommend connecting with T-Force on Facebook or Twitter (I prefer FB).  There is a link in the contact us page.  I have rarely heard of anyone not getting their issue resolved with T-Force.  The other option would be if you email the CEO he actually responds (himself a lot of the time) and/or he will forward it to one of his executive assistants to deal with.  Trust me you won't ever get lowell to read one of your emails or tweets, yes John Legere will even respond to tweets. But again T-Force on their social media avenues are really good!!


        This site is mostly a user supported forum and while there are a handful of TMO employees that answer some questions they are more here to moderate the forum. Yes the bad word filter can be a bit of a challenge sometimes and sometimes "flags" on weirdest and G rated words but it is a computer LOL.

        • snn555

          Re: New customer - but extremely unhappy!

          Well, you do have 14 days to return, however, you seem to have a mishmash of VZW and T-Mobile services.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: New customer - but extremely unhappy!

            Wow magenta3302823 , I really wish we had given you a much better for you. This isn't normal at all and I do hope you'll give us another chance to turn this around for you. I can see you've already gotten some suggestions from our fellow users, but I do hope you reach out to our T-Force team and give them a chance. They are a great group team and have the means to help out with issues like this. My apologies for how you were treated and we appreciate you giving our folks another chance to help you out.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: New customer - but extremely unhappy!

              Hi, magenta3302823!


              Gosh, you're right, this sounds like quite the headache. I know it's a holiday weekend but have you had a chance to get in touch with T-Force? If so, where are things at right now? We truly do want to make sure we get things squared away for you.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: New customer - but extremely unhappy!

                Hi, magenta3302823. We just wanted to check in here and see how things are going with this situation. Hopefully by now you've had the opportunity to reach out to our T-Force team and work with someone who can look into this so that we can improve upon the poor first impression we gave. Please let us know how you're doing! Thank you.


                - Marissa

                  • nelfar212

                    Re: New customer - but extremely unhappy!

                    I should post on a different thread tmo_marissa, However, I can't sing praises enough about the CSR's. But today, I got off the phone feeling HOT!!! I understand some folks aren't as knowledgeable as others but my thing is we the customers should be top priority. Let me begin, I called to inquire why was I dis-enrolled from the TMO Advantage program after 10 yrs. The 1st rep I spoke with didn't have a clue nor, wanted to take the time to get answers for me so we could resolve the issue because I had re-enrolled myself via the online system over the weekend. When I received notification that I was approved the notification also pointed out that my billing cycle was going to change, after 10 yrs I know what that means a higher bill next statement period.  Any who, the rep informed me since I was already re-enrolled there was nothing for him to do, so I asked to be escalated up. So I explain the situation to the next rep, he attempted to blow smoke and I was becoming furious, but remained polite so he informed me that enrollment is done on a yearly basis, news to me I explained I've been enrolled since 2007 and it wasn't till recently that there was a problem. 1st he said well someone on my end removed it, I'm shaking my head, then he stated he didn't know why, he then tried blame it a possible plan change, the plan I'm on is 3 yrs old, so then he put stated he believed it was every 10 yrs, now I'm ready to bash my head because clearly he didn't know what he was talking about because at the very least I would have to re-validate in 2018 being my 1st year I was with a different section of T-mo; my reason for the rant, we have a new customer like the OP who's 1st experience is a negative one, maybe one that sends her back to Verizon. So please forward my experience today up. It's always my desire to help with the customer experience.


                    magenta3302823 I don't work for T-mo; what you and I experienced  is NOT typical of TMO's pledge to be the leaders in putting us 1st by providing it's customers with excellent service, these experiences are rare exceptions, and not the norm. I recently took advantage of the BOGO Note 8, awesome phone. So as others suggested, get with T-Force. Verizon no doubt has very good coverage, in my opinion TMO makes up in that area by giving us the best value for our dollar with features like "Bing on" which allows unlimited streaming of most of the major streaming services( Netflix, Hulu, You tube, Amazon, Vudo, etc" unlimited music streaming.    

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: New customer - but extremely unhappy!

                        nelfar212 -- yowch. I will pass that on; and I'm sorry to read that it played out that way. Just to clear up some of the confusion around what you heard (different things each time, and not quite all of them correct it seems ) I want to make sure I link you to these two things: here's an updated description of our T-Mobile Advantage Program, it's definitely different for newer customers (though it's *awesome* that you've been with us long enough to be grandfathered or that your particular organization has chosen to maintain participation). We started a re-verification process a few years ago, but if this is the first time you've had to complete it, then I think perhaps it may have been rolling (not required of all customers initially). We have a Reverification Process FAQ that might offer some insight as well. Truly, we could access an internal version of these documents when we spoke with you, so there's no excuse for our confusion -- I'm sorry that you experienced that, and thank you for letting us know.


                        magenta3302823 - I just wanted to take a moment to check on you as well. How are things going? Have you been able to get in touch with our good folks at T-Force so that we could work out a way to make this right?