Who do you have to talk to to get help with a warranty return?


    I have not received ANY help from any of the customer service reps at TMobile, as far as when i will receive my replacement phone.  The reps have no idea how to find the status of my order and the supervisor that I spoke to gave me the typical company line about "It's being worked on".  My phone has been at your depot for 10 days and still nothing has been done nor has there been any update.


    The supervisor also said that I would be reimbursed for the $12 that I spent shipping my phone back, because I was only told that i had to sent my back and they gave me an address, so i sent it myself.  I have never received anything as far as the supposed email with a shipping label, even 14 days later.  They credited half of the monthly service amount to my account, but here we are, heading into the second half of the month, so I'll be wanting the rest credited too.


    This could be avoided if monthly customers weren't treated as step children...

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      • tmo_marissa

        Ah, yikes, magenta3148487! I was actually in the process of replying to your comment on another thread, but I'll move that reply here and edit it a bit because I think I can see a bit more detail from this one.

        It sounds like you have a pay in advance plan, and I want to assure you that we definitely appreciate your business no matter *what* type of plan you're on. I understand that the post-exchange process (where you return the equipment prior to having the replacement shipped) can take some time, but if this seems abnormal then we do want you to work with a team who can investigate what's happening. I know on the other thread you mentioned that you'd tried reaching out for assistance but you're right that we do have two different teams who are more thoroughly versed in either Pay in Advance or Postpaid accounts and billing.
        Our T-Force team, however, can look at both types of accounts! While we're not able to review the details of your order from this public user forum, if online interaction works for you and you're active on social media, you can reach out to T-Force on Twitter or Facebook and within a DM or PM we can collect your info securely and take a look. We don't want this process to feel like a mystery!

        Thanks for reaching out here; please keep us posted!


        - Marissa

          • magenta3148487

            I tried getting in touch with someone on Facebook, he sent me a link that took me to a site that linked my Facebook account to TMobile (at least that's what it seemed like), but the rep there couldn't tell me anything other than how sorry he was that it is taking so long.


            I called and spoke to a supervisor (Paul I.) that said that I would receive a tracking number when the replacement was shipped.  I have not received anything and the rep that I messaged a bit ago said this:


            I do apologize though as Prepaid has a limited website capabilities. since prepaid isnt built for device orders (Or orders that requires shipping) sometimes there's no status showing on your end. however when a order updates (Or when the order produced a Tracking number) it normally being sent out to you via SMS

            I have asked this already with no answer, how in the world can I receive sms messages, when you have my phone?

              • snn555

                Some people have a backup phone or one on loan from a friend.

                • tmo_marissa

                  magenta3148487, you make a great point about not being able to receive SMS updates about the order. Without a backup device, you're right -- there isn't a way to get messages; and that's valuable feedback that we can pass on about a way to improve the device program.


                  Even though we can't look into the order here, I wanted to do some digging and see what I could find about timelines. It looks like generally speaking (barring any kind of backorder), you should be able to expect that it would take up to two weeks from when your original is shipped to us for it to be delivered and scanned in, at which point the the replacement to be shipped out. Once shipped, the replacement will take up to 7 business days for delivery. Did we mention at any point if there was a backorder involved? If not, then we can file a warehouse escalation called a Handset Research Form to check the status of a post-exchange order that has not yet shipped if "It has been more than 10 business days since customers sent back the defective equipment". Basically, this sounds to me like your situation; since you mentioned that your original device has been at our warehouse for ten days.

                  If that's ten business days, then we should be able to take your tracking information and the IMEI of your original device and file this type of inquiry to ensure that your original phone is being checked in, since that step is required before the replacement is shipped. I know it sounds like you're having a tough time getting traction here; but if you link to my reply on this thread with our T-Force team, hopefully we can get this investigation launched to see where the hold-up is in getting your replacement shipped out to you!


                  - Marissa