Tmobile employee ruined my account and no one can seem to help


    On November 18, 2017, I went to the store to pay my prepaid bill. A rep told me that if he were to transfer my account to a postpaid account, my account would be the same and I would pay the same thing, the only difference is that I would have the option to finance a phone if I choose. The information given to me was incorrect. This rep switched over my account to a T-mobile one individual account with a 15 dollar international feature which would result in me paying a total of 90 dollars a month when I was paying a little under 55(I had a grandfathered $40 plan which gave me 10gb of data, and a grandfathered international feature for $10). In the rep changing my prepaid account to a postpaid account, not only did he absolutely ruin my chances of returning to my original prepaid account (according to customer care) resulting in me losing data and paying more for an international feature, I also lost my tenure with T-mobile on that account, AND he put me on a plan that would be an additional 35 dollars a month when I clearly stated I did not want to pay more monthly.


    After setting up my T-mobile account, I realized their mistake and I went back to the store on November 22, 2017, to confront one of the reps who assisted me in transferring over the lines from pre to post.  All he said was that the rep who handled it put me on the wrong account and he stated he would let the manager know. I am still waiting for a callback or a reply. I even e-mailed the manager, and still no reply.


    That same day I spoke to customer care again and it seemed like my only option was to return to a prepaid $40 plan for 3 GB, and a $15 international plan.


    It's unfortunate that I have to get penalized for an error that a representative made on my account and that no one on a store level or customer service level is willing to help. Wherever I go, I am pretty much told "tough luck". I wasn't even given any credit whatsoever. I had a tenure of 6 years, now I am back at a few days of tenure, so my chances of switching to a postpaid account for being a loyal customer is no more.


    It doesn't make sense to me that a problem, that was caught a few days after the change was made, cannot be fixed. I feel like the way I was treated was horrible through all channels that I have dealt with. So I am here because I want to know how I can escalate my issue.


    Thank You for taking the time to read.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey there, felicianodejesus!


        Welcome to our Support Community! I'm bummed to read about your experience with a plan change in the store less than a week ago. There's a big difference between $55 and $90 a month and I'm truly sorry that we completed the plan change without being completely honest about the cost. It sounds like at this point you just want your old plan back. This sounds like an issue T-Force (our social media customer care team) can help out with. They're great at handling unique situations such as yours. You can get in touch with them by clicking the Facebook/Twitter icon in my signature. Please let us know how it goes once you work with them.

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        • barcodeable

          I feel so sad about your situation. This is why I am afraid to have customer service representatives messing with my account, especially the store reps (they are the worse). When I need to add or remove something on my account I use T-Force to handle my transaction. I type in my message several times "Please keep me on my current Plan, just increase the data on my tablet plan". T-Mobile should start firing the managers of these corrupt stores and maybe that may clean up the garbage. These store people get commision on these sales... whether you keep these services or not is besides the point, because they still get credit for adding it to you account, even if you are unaware of it (shame on them).


          I have the international grandfathered $10 plan... and If a rep switched my plan and I lost my Family Stateside International Plan....I would probably go bananas. I enjoy all of my services and benefits the way they are, and don't need people tricking me to meet a quota and get bonuses and raises off of using dishonest sales tactics. I won't single out T-Mobile, because i personally know AT&T does this too. The trick is to get you to sign up for all this stuff, and when you come back they tell you to contact Customer Service....  They meet their quota - while you have to run around trying to figure out what's going on. A rep added Jump on Demand to my account without my knowledge... luckily a day later i called customer care to fix it with no negative results to my plan.


          I have my fingers crossed that you can get your original plan back. These T-Mobile reps seem to be worse than lawyers .



          tmo_amanda  and the other T-mobile reps on this site are the exceptions They are great !

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            • felicianodejesus

              Thank you for responding! Both comments are more than appreciated. I'll be contacting T-force right away!

                • nelfar212

                  I had this happen some years back, My wife is an authorized user on the account, she made changes to the plan based on information supplied to her from the store. The point the rep didn't explain everything to my wife, the CSR's didn't have the authority to reinstate me to my former plan which had been discontinued(loyalty plan for families) which was almost the best plan ever. Took some doing but I was eventually reinstated to my former plan. So I can be done. tmo_Amanda something for the higher up to consider, for us existing customers, perhaps the next un-carrier a "test drive a plan of some sort" this would help us make better decisions, and not regret switching off a legacy plan. Just a thought; I almost switched to TMO ONE some time ago, it's a great plan, I think the SC family match a better, because I use my hotspots full time. My point, the rep did give me bad information, which I only learned of after I had spoke with a different rep about what the plan entails.       

              • felicianodejesus

                Update: I spoke to T-force to try to get my old plan put back. Unfortunately, my plan was so old it wasn't even in their system anymore according to them. They could not do anything and only offered a 20 credit which I believe wasn't enough for everything that I lost. A day or two after I called the store to ask the manager if he has read my email. He asked me to come into the store in person the next day. The manager said he could not put the old account back so I asked for a credit of $150 which would cover a little under a year's worth of data lost and the increase in the international feature. At first, he said he cannot guarantee that credit and that he would need to run it through his district manager. Later that day he called me to let me know he would give me a $50 credit for 3 months. I think what saddens me a little is that if I wouldn't have made a big deal about it, they wouldn't have done anything. I really hope that store uses this situation as a stepping stone to provide better service for future customers.


                I'm still upset I lost my amazing plan because of an employees mistake. As for T-Force, they were all really nice and It's cool to know that there are other ways to get your voice heard. I really do hope the store works on right fitting the customers before making changes and has realized how important it is to check all cases and talk to the customer so that they understand what's changing on their account and what cannot be put back.


                As for the forums, they are so informative and I appreciate you all for replying to this thread. It's nice to see T-mobile customers and employees come together to help each other. Thank you thank you thank you!!

                  • tmo_amanda

                    Wow, you must've been on a much older grandfathered plan than I anticipated. felicianodejesus, you've spent a ton of time trying to get this corrected and I'm truly sorry that the outcome isn't what we had hoped for but I'm glad the store manager was able to provide some compensation. You're right, this is definitely a learning experience.


                    I appreciate you letting us know the ultimate resolution and what steps you took in case others run into this same issue (which I hope can be avoided). We're here if you have any other questions related or non-related to this thread.

                    • nelfar212

                      This is upsetting because I know what TMO reps can do to rectify the issue, I totally get that TMO wants to move folks to TMO ONE which is an awesome plan. This would be the exact type of situation  I've reminded many customer service rep's(not just Tmo), When your company makes error. either though human or computer, it is not in your best interest to say, "sorry, there is nothing we can do",  because to me that's a cop out. there is no reason why if the plan she was on couldn't be reinstated that she couldn't have been offered a new plan with permanent adjustments(bill credits) for the life of her account to compensate for loss of old plan.


                      This may be a pain, however no matter how many adds a company runs, word of mouth is the best advertisement a company can get, why? It's free. 

                    • barcodeable

                      I am very, very, very sad to hear of the resolution T-Mobile have decided in the aftermath of this ordeal. I am very disappointed in T-Mobile . I would urge you to contact T-Mobile Corporate (a real letter) explaining your situation and that you are not satisfied with how the plan to rectify their mistake wasn't sufficient enough as a lifelong loyal customer. The $150 for losing a great deal is laughable. T-Force, The T-Mobile Customer service, nor The T-mobile store did not have the authority to get you back what was taken away from you, but perhaps the T-Mobile Corporate Office can. I would suggest you try The corporate office as a last result explaining in a letter (detail by detail) what occured and how you feel regarding their way of not completely  fixing the problem.


                      I am afraid that what happened to you will happen to me, so I am hesitant to make any changes with the services and features on my account. If customer service press 1 wrong button and delete my grandfathered plan... my anger would be beyond words, especially if i'm told they cant fix the mistake that they themselves made