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    Good morning,

    In May of 2017 I went in to the Annapolis MD T-Mobile store in the mall to ask about the BOGO Galaxy S8 offer. I was told that since I had an Unlimited Choice plan I just had to add another line, buy the phone, and they would send me the prepaid Mastercard for the amount of the second phone ($750). I didn't need a 5th line, but added it anyway ($10/month). The salesman told me it would take 10-12 weeks for the rebate to be processed and gave me some offers for Netflix, etc. There was no other paperwork on the rebate. I waited 3 months, then went to the T-Mobile store on Riva Rd. to look at other phones for my wife. While I was there I asked if they could check the status on the offer. The salesman called the team that does the offers and explained the situation to the person on the other end. He told me they said there was no record of the rebate being processed in their system at all. After explaining the situation to the person on the phone, they checked the account for eligibility and agreed to put me in the system while I was there in the store. He gave me a tracking number/offer number, and the website where I could go check the status.


    8 weeks later I started checking the website and saw that it was submitted, with a $0 value. I went back to the second store to check on things, and was told it was denied because I had an ineligible plan type. The salesperson was busy, so said he'd call me with more details, but never did. I returned to the Annapolis mall store where I originally bought the S8s, and talked to two saleswomen about the situation. After some back and forth, they said they'd have the manager call me in a day or two. A week later I went back to the store, and talked to them again. Another salesman got involved, and said he had "good news," I just had to change to the One plan" and then I'd qualify. I told him I wasn't interested in that, as it would have bumped my bill up over $50/month, costing me more than the BOGO was worth. I explained that I already added a 5th line that I don't need or use because it supposedly made me eligible for the offer. He said he'd have the manager call me in a day or two. Again, I waited a week to give the manager time to look into it. Still no call. I went into the store a third time, and talked to one of the first saleswomen that helped me with it. She also told me that if I changed my account type I could still qualify for the offer. I explained that I was told by that store's employee that I ALREADY qualified for the offer by adding a line I didn't need when I bought the phones. I insisted that she call the manager while I was there. She called the asst. mgr (mgr. was allegedly on vacation), "Antonio" and talked to him for a couple minutes. She told Antonio the situation, and he asked her to verify it was their store that sold me the phones. She confirmed it, then read him the salesperson's ID number. They allegedly couldn't figure out who the ID number belonged to (I guess to verify my story to see why he never processed things). While I was there, another saleswoman overheard the discussion and wandered over. She looked at the paperwork and said I was the second person within a week that came in with that problem. The saleswoman on the phone talked to Antonio for a couple more minutes, then hung up and told me that Antonio had kicked the situation up to the district manager, and that he (Antonio) would call me back, you guessed a day or two. A few days later I went back to that store yet again, and this time was told that the district manager said he'd call me personally. They promised to have him/her call me. That was almost 10 days ago, and still no call, no resolution. Meanwhile, I'm still making payments on a phone that I was supposed to have been able to pay off by now. I've spent countless hours (not to mention the stress/anger!) pursuing something that should have been simple-if I had been told I needed to switch account types I would have passed on the offer.


    Please help...I'm about to the point where I'll eat the loss and cancel my service with T-Mobile. We've been customers for years, but I won't stay with any company that fails to keep their promises to me. If I do leave, believe me when I say I won't go quietly.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Samsung BOGO Galaxy S8 denied

        Hey, magenta2411663, and welcome to our Support Community. I'm sorry we aren't meeting you on better terms! This sounds like a terrible experience, and I am so sorry for the confusion. The back and forth you've described here sounds exhausting, and the exact opposite of what we want for any customer.


        To be 100% straightforward, eligibility for the promo with a Simple Choice plan can be a little tricky, because certain grandfathered data plans aren't eligible and a team with account access would need to take a look at your exact data plan and check it against the list of those that are included. Perhaps if your data plan on the existing line was ineligible, then because all Simple Choice plans are now grandfathered we aren't able to change only data but would have to instead change the entire family plan to T-Mobile ONE? Without being able to view your plan ourselves, this is the best guess for the scenario I can come up with, because I took a look at the promotion terms for the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO, which ran from May 12 - 24, and the qualifications are open to Simple Choice with standard Unlimited high speed data plans --

        • Purchase two of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and/or Samsung Galaxy S8+ qualified devices with EIP.
        • Add a new line on T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited with unlimited high speed data during the promotional period to use with one of the new devices.
        • Customers must use their new line with one of the qualifying devices.
        • Both lines using the BOGO devices must be on a qualified plan. If one device purchase is an upgrade for an existing line, the existing line must also be on T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited with unlimited high speed data during the promotional period.


        I know you've done a ton of legwork here and I don't want it to go to waste. The only other thing I can think of is that there may have been some additional hang-up with the delay in submitting for the rebate in the first place that's complicating matters. Either way, we would love to make sure that this is being reviewed by a team with account access to see if there's anything internally that can be done to switch data plans for eligibility (if that's where the hang-up is) without changing your rate plan entirely.


        While we aren't able to view accounts and make changes from this forum, we do have an incredibly talented online team who can. Our T-Force team can be reached through Twitter or Facebook, and in those social media channels we have a secure method to verify your account so that we can take a closer look at what's been happening here. If you're able to reach out to them, you can link to this thread where you've gone to such trouble outlining the exact series of events as they unfolded, so that you don't have to repeat yourself. I sincerely hope that we're able to do something to make this right.


        For our part, I would like to collect a few more details from you about the store experience so that we can forward this feedback on. I'm going to send a private message your way in a few moments -- if you'd be so kind to keep an eye on your inbox I'd appreciate it.


        Thanks again for your time!

        - Marissa