The website is very buggy.


    I have been trying to pay my bills for the past 5 days and have not been able to do so, so my pre-paid plan has expired. There are a handful of reasons I cannot do this, and it's pretty much all due to the bugs on this website. Also, I know auto-pay exist and I do not want it, and I had been fine without it for quite a while, so I'm not going to choose that.


    1.  When I click on the billing options under, they all just instantly redirect me back to the home page, so I cannot pay via the website.

    2.  I thought of trying to log in through my phone, but it always told me that the phone number format was wrong, which is bs, or my password was wrong, no matter how many times I checked. And, after about 20 times of checking and re-entering, it didn't complain anymore, and the login button was finally clickable, the page stopped loading. So I have not been able to log-in through my phone/tablet.

    3.  So I thought of contacting customer support, and I visit this link Whenever I click on the "message us" option, it gives me this:

    which is bs as well because I have never had a conversation to you and it gives me the same thing every single time I click on it. The "call me" button just doesn't do anything.

    4. I visited this link Prepaid Refill | Fund Your Account | Pay As You Go Refill | T-Mobile and click on the "refill now" option which brought me to the paying page without redirecting. However after I filled in all the information and click submit, it re-directed me back to my.t-mobile page and the payment did not go through.

    5. My plan has expired so I cannot call customer support. Why can't I call customer support of the company that gives me the plan and try to pay my bill? It doesn't seem logical to me at all.


    I have not borrowed my friend's phone to call as I'm considering switching to another company and hope that they have a better website.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: The website is very buggy.

        Oh my magenta3278259 ! I know it's a pain for the site to be giving you so much trouble but this is something that can be fixed. If you're still unable to make a payment, you should be able to do so with a Care rep. They can also get a ticket escalated to help resolve the site issue so you don't have to call in and make a payment in the future. We'd really like you to stick with us and we'd appreciate the chance to get this resolved for you.

        • magenta3497923

          Re: The website is very buggy.

          I am having the same issue.  This is the 2nd month in a row.  I can't access my billing or usage activity either.  It was supposed to be "escalated" to a customer service ticket last month with a call-back in a "few days".  It's been a month and still no resolution.  I have been a customer for over 15 years and am also considering changing carriers.  Customer service has been out-sourced - the person "helping" me tonight constantly talked over me.  I had to stop her twice and ask her not to interrupt and please listen.  The resolution?  Taking my payment over the phone.  Not acceptable as I want to also see the details of my billing and usage, not just be able to pay my bills.

          • playdoh72

            Re: The website is very buggy.

            I just signed up with T-Mobile today and I too find the website something awful.  The site kept failing over and over again when I was trying to sign up for a T-Mobile ID.  After about 5 retries, I finally was able to log in.  Definitely needs an overhaul or something, jeez.