What does the cell spot router do...?


    Hi all,


    Could someone point me to documentation that actually says what the heck the cell spot router does?  Or, if you know, feel free to enlighten me.  My understanding is that the cell spot router provides a stronger signal and "connection" for those T-Mobile users who have bad cellular connectivity.  My questions about the cell spot router center on how it connects to the larger telephony networks.


    1. Does the cell spot router connect to the T-Mobile network (and the rest of the telephony networks) via the actual T-Mobile cellular network? 


    2. Does the cell spot router connect to the telephone network (T-Mobile and networks beyond) via Internet (either VoIP or other telephony protocol using my Internet service)?


    3. Does the cell spot router also work as a regular WiFi and wired router for the home? 


    Thanks in advance...

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      • snn555

        Re: What does the cell spot router do...?

        1 no

        2 yes

        3 yes

          • rhimbo

            Re: What does the cell spot router do...?

            Thanks for the quick reply, snn555.  A  few additional questions....


            1. A T-Mobile customer service representative told me that the phone somehow "magically" switches a call from cellular to WiFi when the signal is too weak to prevent dropping a call.  Is this true?  OR, must one just set the phone to WiFi calling when in the area where one gets spurious connectivity?


            2. If the "magical" switching occurs, do I need some additional software on my phone? 


            3. I imagine the Asus cell spot router has some custom software to support the T-Mobile functionality.  Can I still configure the Asus TM-AC1900 router to operate in Access Point mode?  I want to do this so that I can place the cell spot router in the center of my property.  Currently I have a Synology router in that spot configured in Access Point mode.  It connects via Cat6 Ethernet to the main router in the garage which is where my distribution center is. 


            Thanks again....

          • snn555

            Re: What does the cell spot router do...?

            1. No

            Wi-Fi will hand off to cellular. Not vice versa.


            2. No

            Tmobile phones come with Wi-Fi calling.


            3. No

            The cellspot router is the main router. Your other one can be AP.


            Wi-Fi CellSpot Router

            • drnewcomb2

              Re: What does the cell spot router do...?

              The whole raison d'être for the CellSpot router (TM-AC1900) is that many customers were experiencing poor results with WiFi calling, as a direct result of using very cheap WiFi routers at home. Rather than telling the customers to go out and buy a decent router, T-Mobile picked a good router, modified the firmware to be optimized for WiFi calling and loaned them to the customers who requested them or who complained about WiFi calling. Essentially, it's just a decent WiFi router with T-Mobile's custom firmware.

                • rhimbo

                  Re: What does the cell spot router do...?

                  Thank you,  drnewcomb2.  This gives me the information I needed.


                  Well, I'll return the cell spot router to T-Mobile.  I can use my existing WiFi routers for WiFi calling if I need it.  Really there is only one remote corner of my home where the cell signal is weak.  


                  I think those customers with bad WiFi experience probably suffered from bad Internet service more than lousy WiFi routers.  I've successfully used WiFi calling with old 802.11g routers.  But there is no getting around bad Internet service!! 


                  Many thanks again for your help....

                    • snn555

                      Re: What does the cell spot router do...?

                      Glad I could answer and clarify all your questions.

                        • rhimbo

                          Re: What does the cell spot router do...?

                          Yes, you did, snn555....


                          However, T-Mobile needs to get its act together.  I asked the same questions of their tech support and it was obvious no one knew what I was talking about. The same is true of two T-Mobile store fronts where I went hoping to get an answer to "why was this product made; what is its purpose; why would I need it?"  Their answers sounded so "off" that I went on a quest for a community forum. 


                          The T-Mobile web site is in need of serious rework.  It took me 3 days to get here despite already having an account.  Hmm.


                          I hope someone from T-Mobile is listening.  I've been -- nay, 3 family members have been -- T-Mobile customers for 13 years now continuously. If they don't listen to their best customers, well, that would be disturbing to say the least.