I am wondering if I cancel a line on my account but already paid for that month will that account still have service until the month is over ?

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      • snn555

        Re: Cancellation

        Once you cancel service on that line that line will cease to be active. TMobile does not prorate service so the amount you spend for an entire month of service you would either use the entire month or forfeit the amount that you did not use after cancellation.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Cancellation

          Hiya, magenta3247457! We'd be sorry to see you drop a line for sure! Is there anything we can help with there?

          If you're simply not getting much use of it, then we at least want to make sure you're able to complete the cancellation in a way that works best for you! snn555 is correct in that postpaid plans are billed by the month rather than the day, so your best bet to make use of the funds you've paid is to set up a future-dated cancellation for the end of the billing cycle you've paid through. If you Contact Us we should be able to take a look and make sure this is set up for you. And again, if there's anything we can assist with, please let us know!


          - Marissa