Mydigits.T-Mobile.Com - DIGITs w/ Data Line (Duplicate Line) missing in list of managed lines


    BACKGROUND:  I have 5 "Data with DIGITS Beta promo TE" lines on my account.  When I log into the portal with the PAH account ID I only see 4 of the 5 lines listed in the "Other DIGITS I Can Manage" section.  One of the lines is missing.

    DESCRIPTION: All five lines were listed in the past up until all BETA DIGITS lines were deleted for T-Mobile users.  When the lines/service were restored, the line that's currently missing disappeared in the portal and never returned.  The DIGITS service is working fine on the line and it is correctly paired, the only issue is I can no longer manage it and change the paired phone number if I wanted to.


    HISTORY: I've opened multiple support tickets with DIGITS support that have landed in Engineering Support, Business Support, and Web Support Teams.  No one has been successful in providing a resolution.  The last ticket created was opened on 11/02 and is currently sitting with the Web Support Team with escalation.  I can provide the ticket number and line number in a private message if that helps.


    Since I haven't been able to make any headway through DIGITs support call centers I'm trying this route to see if anyone here can maybe help.  I've seen this issue discussed here before so I know I'm not the only one that has run into this.


    Please advice.

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