Limiting my hotspot data? Lose a customer


    I've recently needed to start using my laptop without wifi most of the time.

    Got a notice Tmobile will be limiting my data.


    I stay well within the 30 or 50gb limit for my 60 dollar/month plan, but for some reason tmobile cares if I'm downloading on my phone vs computer.


    Does anyone know of a work-around? Rooting my android, or another method? This is enraging, and I cannot believe I've been telling people of good experience with T mobile.

    Live long enough to become the villain Verizon 2.0

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      • snn555

        When you say limiting do you mean speed or amount of data? The $60 plan sounds like a simple choice plan which has limited LTE data speeds and is then slowed down to 2G 3-g speeds. Is it possible you're getting a notice that you've gone over your hotspot allowance and that unlimited data will be slow down or are you saying it will be cut off? As far as the $60 plan goes I'm not sure that all of them at some point in time did or did not offer tethering.

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        • theartiszan

          30 or 50 gb. What plan do you have. I can't remember any plan by TMobile that offered that much data.

          If you use it's more than 20gb you see deprioritized over other users at the same time. You will probably only notice a difference if the tower you are on is heavily loaded.

          But I think the highest tethering plan I remember seeing was 10gb. But I could be wrong.

          Cell phone internet was never really meant to be a replacement for landline services.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            We do want you to have a great experience with the data. Our fellow community members asked some great questions and brought up some good points to think about. We wanna help shine some light on this for you so please give us a reply back about exactly what plan you have. We can dig into this a bit further for you and see why this is happening.

            • nelfar212

              I'm not sure which plan your on. ALL carriers separate data used by the Smartphone and the Hotspot they have separate data allotments; if you're on a rate plan that has "Unlimited SMARTPHONE data" what happens is after 50gb of usage you are deprioritized, meaning while you're on a congested tower you may notice a slight reduction is speed, if you not on a congested tower you will be fine. What does this really mean not a whole lot, I've not had an issue when I have gone over. smartphone Hopspots have smaller data allotments, for LTE when you exceed that data allotment your speeds will be reduced to 3g/2g speeds. this cap is hard to hit especially with "binge on". If you install a workaround, it's a violation of ALL carriers "TOS" which can cause you to lose your access to data plans for repeated violations.  

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              • tmo_marissa

                Hey there, magenta3266212! Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd had a chance to read over these replies. We'd love to get some more details about exactly which plan you're on so we can help! How are things going?