Roaming in Japan - Data works, but no calls/texts


    I'm in Japan currently, and both myself and another t-mobile user are unable to make or receive both calls or text messages back to the US. We are both able to register w/ SoftBank and DOCOMO networks, but the results are the same -- data works (albeit at 2g, as expected), but calls and texts don't go through. SMS returns with an "error 8" message after a while, and calls either error immediately or I'm directed to a recorded "number not in service" message. Already chatted with customer support to make sure I'm using the correct dialing codes, etc.


    I've tried many combinations of preferred networks, connection types, lte on/off, 3g instead of 4g network, ipv4 vs. ipv6, but not sure what to try next. Strangely, I was able to get 2 calls to go through wifi calling, but wifi calling doesn't seem to kick in anymore (I knew I should have written those settings down). I have reset all settings back to stock, and still no luck.

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